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League of Extraordinary Gentlemen this League is not!

League of Strays by L.B. Schulman

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league of strays

The Skinny: When Charlotte receives a mysterious invitation to join the League of Strays, she’s somewhat intrigued. A newer student at school, a little friendless and lost, Charlotte is drawn to the instant friendship that comes with the League. Its goal is to get back at the tormentors who have wronged each member. Led by the alluring and charming Kade, Charlotte is thrown into a world that she’s not quite ready for. But when it becomes apparent that Kade’s agenda includes more than a few harmless pranks, Charlotte must decide what is right: her loyalty to the League or to herself.

BFF?: To be quite honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Charlotte. There were times when I did like her, but found her to be weak and easily manipulated, even when she knew she was being manipulated. However, I think this was completely on purpose, so I appreciate how developed she was in that sense. I just didn’t like her very much in the “Would we be friends?” way.

Alternate BFF: While I didn’t like Charlotte very much, I LOVED Zoe, another member of the League. Zoe was this tough cookie that was really hard to crack. But once you got past her hard exterior you found this perfectly wonderful girl who is pretty sweet – in a tough cookie kind of way – and is just trying to keep herself and her drunk mother afloat. She feels deeply, she cares about others, and she’s just longing for someone to connect with.

Readability: I’m always wary of commenting on ARCs because they’re obviously not the final project, but I was really pleased with the writing in this book. It flowed well, kept you in the world of the book, and wasn’t awkward or too prose-y. My only gripe, which isn’t really that big, was that some of the chapters were SO short, like 3-5 pages short. They were fully written chapters, but sometimes shorter chapters throw me off when I’m reading.

Crush Level: Not in a million years
Do any of you remember that movie Fear from the 90s with Marky Mark and Reese Witherspoon? If you don’t, it’s basically about this swoony, charming boy who starts to date Reese and then turns out to be this obsessive, crazed lunatic boyfriend. This is how I imagined Kade and still get the shivers when thinking about him. He was creepy from the get-go, and I hate that Charlotte fell for him. It’s not easy when the book crush is also the bad guy!

Bonus Points:

None really…

Commencement Speech: When I got asked to be a part of the League of Strays Blog Tour, I agreed, not even really thinking about it. Once I learned a little more about the book, I was a tad hesitant about being a part of it – I’ll admit it, I was swayed by all the negative feedback and boy, do I feel embarrassed I let myself be swayed! Once I got into the book, I found that it blew that negative feedback out of the water. This wasn’t a book glorifying revenge bullying; it was a book showing not only the consequences of bullying someone, but also showing how getting revenge can make you feel.What was funny to me (not in a ha ha kind of way) was being able to see some of my fellow HS classmates in some of these characters. The studious student who still holds a grudge against a teacher who gave them a bad grade (when they probably didn’t even try that hard) or the quieter kid who was constantly tormented and never did anything. Even Charlotte reminded me a little of my classmates, the ones who may have had someone who teased or made fun of them and held onto that tightly, not letting it go. My point is, there were realistic characters who were often annoying and weak and easily swayed – just like real people are.

While League of Strays isn’t a book that I would have picked up on my own, I am so glad that I got to read this one. Definitely looking forward to more from L.B. Schulman!

Yearbook Quote: None! Was an ARC
Superlatives: Most likely to NOT be your prom date
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4 thoughts on “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen this League is not!”

  1. I’m definitely curious about this book. My library system doesn’t have the book though and I’m not sure I want to buy it.

    Also, oh my gosh, I love the new background. It makes me think of The Scarlet Pimpernel. And anything that makes me think of Percy is A-okay by me 🙂


    1. Thanks! I LOVE poppies and found this; thought it would be fun! I was getting bored with the solid color. And haven’t read the Scarlet Pimpernel, but I’m guessing it’s good!


    1. Truthfully, if I hadn’t been asked to be a part of the blog tour I wouldn’t have read it. Definitely not my kind of book! While I’m glad I did and gave it a chance, it’s not one I’m pushing on others!

      And thanks! I like the background too! 🙂


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