Dystopian, Young Adult

Trying to get away into the night…

Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi

through evernight

The Skinny: Set months after we last left Aria and Perry, they are soon reunited. Aria, on a mission from Hess; Perry is now Blood Lord of his tribe. Perry’s tribe, the Tides, don’t take too kindly to Aria, being a former Dweller and all. As the Aether storms, other tribes, and hidden enemies threaten the tribe’s existence, Aria and Perry must face their problems, this time alone.

BFF?: Aria and Perry are back and really better than ever! Since I focused on Aria last time, this time I’ll focus on Perry. I loved seeing Perry taking over as Blood Lord, despite the way he got there. I think it was a reality shock to find out that it wasn’t as easy and grand as he had once thought; he struggles to do what he feels is right for his tribe, dealing with the push back he continuously gets from its members. But I think this gives him a chance to see exactly what type of person he is, challenging himself to step up and become a true leader. Although he stumbles a bit, I loved seeing how he “fixed” each of these stumbles and eventually earns the trust of his tribe. He also becomes infinitely more sexy in this book, especially after a skanky red-head finagles her way into the tribe…

Readability: I tore through this book. No, seriously. Like in 4 hours. I couldn’t put it down! There was so much more development and depth to everything – the setting, the characters, the struggles. It was all beautiful and breathtaking and heart-racing!

Crush Level: 10
Yeah, I’m looking at you Roar. I seriously fell oh so hard for him in this book it’s not even funny. Sure, in the first book he’s basically just this incredibly sexy, flirtatious friend of Perry’s, but he becomes so much more in this book! I absolutely loved seeing him with Aria – it’s a little hard to define what their relationship in the book was. It’s not really brotherly, but it’s not really strictly platonic. Either way, I would love me a friend like that! Although, I’d totally try to jump his bones if I had a friend like Roar. And sure, he’s got a girl he’s pining after, but I could imagine I was her… Candice… Liv… they could be interchangeable, right?

Bonus Points:

Cave City
living in cave

After storms and enemies begin to threaten the Tides, Perry decides that if worse comes to worst, he’s going to move his tribe into this huge cavern. And they begin turning it into a city. It’s pretty cool seeing the development of it.

While I’m not huge into tattoos, despite having a tiny one, I like that the tattoos in the series mean something. Those that have special abilities are marked, based on their ability. Perry suggests Aria get one so she can better blend in, and that scene is pretty harrowing!

Becoming a boss


I love books that show people assuming leadership roles and the struggles they face trying to assert their power or gain the trust of their followers. Watching Perry deal with not only having to hide his love for Aria, worry about getting his nephew back, the guilt he feels over his brother’s death, but also having to step into a role his tribe isn’t ready to trust him in was pretty intense.

Commencement Speech: When I finished Under the Never Sky, I was so so so glad that the sequel had just come out. There was no WAY I could have waited a year for it! Granted, now I’m having to wait a year for the next book… Like I said earlier, I flew through this one. I don’t know what it was about it, but it had me completely enthralled and absorbed. I didn’t want it to end! While I loved seeing Aria and Perry together in Under the Never Sky, I enjoyed seeing them apart in Through the Ever Night. I liked the test of their love as well as the strength of it. There wasn’t really pining for the other, which was nice; it was more of an incompleteness that they felt without the other one, but knew they had to keep the strength to endure it. Overall a very nice message I thought! I also liked seeing some of Roar and Liv, getting a little glimpse into their relationship and the sacrifices others had to make for causes. There are a lot of things that happen towards the end, kinks thrown into plots and starting to tie everything together. We also get to see more of Cinder and finally learn what his real role is in the story – I didn’t like him that much in the first book, but he definitely began to grow on me this time around! This was really a great sequel to a series I’m really excited about!

Yearbook Quote: “We lose and lose, but we’re still here. Shaking in place, afraid of doing something. I’m tired of settling for this because I don’t know if something better exists. It has to. What point is there otherwise?”
Superlatives: Most likely to make you want to Roar
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2 thoughts on “Trying to get away into the night…”

  1. YES! YAYYY! I’m so glad you loved it! And HELLO ROAR ❤ I totally fell in love too.
    I loved this book even more than UtNS and I'm with you – Now I can't wait for book three! AH!!


  2. Oh yay!!!! I’m so happy you loved this book! Also, I’m glad you loved Roar because that means more Perry for me 😀 . But Roar was pretty awesome. And I loved seeing the little bit of Roar/Liv that we did. I can only imagine how great they were together. I’m dying for Into the Still Blue. Too bad we have to wait a year for it 😦


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