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Miniviews – Destroy Me

There seems to be a TON of these novellas out there, and I really love them oh so much, but it’s really REALLY hard to write a full review about them! So I give you Miniviews! Miniature versions of my reviews that are perfectly designed for all the lovely novellas/short stories!

Novella: Destroy Me by Tahereh Mafi


Series: Shatter Me Series by Tahereh Mafi

Character Focus: Warner – total creepazoid from Shatter Me, evil villain extraordinaire… or is he?

Spoiler? Only if you haven’t read Shatter Me! Destroy Me veers off into Warner’s perspectives and actions AFTER (spoiler) Juliette shoots him. Mostly this is just a better in-depth look at Warner, giving us a better understanding of who he is and his feelings for Juliette. However, if you haven’t read Shatter Me, it would make no sense to you.

Must Read? Meh… It was really, really good. Don’t get me wrong. The only benefit that it gave me though was a better understanding of Warner. Not having read Unravel Me (2nd book in series) yet, I don’t know if Destroy Me is a MUST READ for this series or just a great addition. Will be interested to see how it fits into the series!

Final Thoughts: I’ll admit that I didn’t like Warner in Shatter Me. I didn’t think he was terrible, but I didn’t get why everyone was so swoony for him. After reading Destroy Me, I may understand a little better. I loved seeing under the surface of Warner’s hard exterior, how he was shaped into the person he now is. It was a little psychological, a little disturbing, and wonderfully insightful. It made me a little Team Warner, to be honest. Granted, I’m not 100% on Team Adam – I have a sneaky suspicion he’s not the Wonder Boy we originally thought – so I was more easily swayed to the Dark Side that is Warner. Overall, Destroy Me was a great look into a character that wasn’t fully fleshed out, who left me a little unsure of what to think of him. I would certainly recommend reading it as part of the Shatter Me series, if only to better understand Warner and his love for Juliette.

Quotations: “Because I want her. Now. Here.  Everywhere. I want nothing between us. I want her clothes off and the lights on and I want to study her. I want to unzip her out of this dress and take my time with every inch of her.” (wowzer)


5 thoughts on “Miniviews – Destroy Me”

  1. First off, your new blog background is so pretty!

    I’m reading this novella now before diving into Unravel Me. Looking forward to catching up with this world. Glad you’re starting to join the dark side with Team Warner 🙂


  2. I’m so so glad you read this before Unravel Me. It’s not a MUST read, but I do think it adds a lot to the story, especially to Warner and understanding why he does what he does. I kind of felt the same way as you after finishing Destroy Me. I’m not Team Warner, but I can see the appeal. I can’t wait for you to read Unravel Me!


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