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Project: Fairytale – Snow White, 2012

For some reason, Snow White was really hot in 2012. Everywhere we turned there she was, in our faces, reminding us just who was fairest of them all.

Mirror, Mirror – Starring Lily Collins and Julia Roberts


Have you seen this? I thought it was totally cute, but not at all what I expected. It tells the story we’re all familiar with, Snow White and her evil stepmother, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. Snow White, tired of being locked in the castle, defies her stepmother and leaves the castle. While in the woods, she runs into Prince Alcott – who, in this story, is the huntsman as well as the handsome prince. Little does Snow White know that Prince Alcott is on his way to HER castle. Snow White’s stepmother, who has run the kingdom into financial ruin, realizes that Prince Alcott comes from a wealthy kingdom and plans to marry him. Snow White joins the seven dwarfs, the Prince thinks she is in league with them (oh, they happen to be bandits). There is action, revenge, and deception. It’s not like any Snow White you’ve seen before.

One thing I REALLY liked about this movie was that Snow White wasn’t some helpless idiot girl who kept falling for tricks and had to wait around for someone to kiss her. She’s not afraid to fight, she helps to defeat the bad guy and eventually wins the day. It’s a great twist on a familiar story.

Snow White and the Huntsman – Starring Kristen Stewart, Charlene Theron


This was touted as a huge, blockbuster movie. And really, I guess it was. I personally didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted. Like Mirror, Mirror, Snow White and the Huntsman tells a story we’re familiar with. Like in the original fairy tale, the Huntsman defies the queen’s wishes and doesn’t kill Snow White, but in this story the Huntsman only defies the queen because she cannot deliver what she promised – to revive his dead wife. Snow White and the Huntsman escape and set out on an adventure!

Okay, it’s really not so much a fun adventure as it is escaping for their lives and realizing that only Snow White can defeat the evil queen. Which…. I sort of loved. I had total reservations about KStew in this role. She managed to play helpless, pathetic Snow White perfectly… but then evolved into this shockingly badass Snow White that managed to rally the troops and save the day! Huzzah!

My only complaint – and it’s really what ruined the movie for me – is that there was no character development. Everyone seemed to fall flat towards the end. It was like the passed over developing the characters for developing all the special effects.

Once Upon a Time – Starring Ginnifer Godwin


Uh… so this may be my super duper favorite show right now. I WILL NOT miss it (unless I have something else going on). While the story features just about every fairy tale and Disney story you can think of, taking center stage is that of Snow White. The basis of the story is Snow White’s stepmother curses Fairy Tale world and transport them to a city in our world where the characters have no clue of their fairy tale past. It’s kind of awesome. In series of flashbacks we see what happened in Fairy Tale world that brought them to their current state.

What I really love best is seeing all the actiony women in the stories. Snow White was, at one point, an outlaw. Little Red Riding Hood was actually the wolf (sorry, spoiler!) and her grandmother was a wolf hunter. Belle was awesome. My most recent favorite was Jack, from Jack and the Beanstalk, was a girl! Truly, this show is so much fun and the plot is still fresh and exciting. I love all the incorporating of the different tales, not only traditional fairy tales but favorite children’s stories, mythology, and Mulan!

Have you seen any of these? What are your thoughts?

9 thoughts on “Project: Fairytale – Snow White, 2012”

  1. I really want to start watching Once! If I ever have time… LOL. I’ve seen a few episodes and they were really good! And HELLLOOOOOO Captain Hook!
    I actually haven’t seen either Snow White movies but I’m kind of interested in both. Maybe I’ll rent them soon!!! πŸ™‚


  2. I couldn’t agree more with you about Snow White and the Huntsman. Some much time was spent making it look visually stunning which is all well and good. But without character development, it gets boring pretty quickly.

    I actually liked Mirror Mirror more than SWATH. Although, man, Chris Hemsworth is good looking. πŸ™‚


  3. I really like Mirror, Mirror, was unimpressed by Snow White and the Huntsman – the flat characters was a problem for me too, and sometimes adore, sometimes am disappointed by Once Upon A Time. Too often awesome episodes are followed up by weaker ones – but, over all, I enjoy it and keep watching.


  4. Once Upon a Time is only my favorite show EVER. I love every aspect of it (especially Captain Hook) and I LOVE the character development, those guys from LOST sure know how to write an epic story and characters!! (Especially Captain Hook….)

    Hated Snow White and the Huntsman…loved watching Thor…I mean The Huntsman but HATED KStew honestly she couldn’t have sucked more IMO but I really enjoyed Mirror Mirror!! It was so cute and I loved how Snow wasn’t helpless :]


  5. What I liked in Mirror Mirror was Julia Roberts. She is an amazing villain! I didn’t care for most of the characters in Snow White and the Huntsman. I think Kristen is a horrible actress, but I loved the accent from the Huntsman and he isn’t bad looking πŸ˜‰ The movie was pretty to watch at, but it was a bit too boring for me. I’m still laughing at the fact that Kristen was supposed to be prettier than Charlene :’) If I was as gorgeous as Charlene, I wouldn’t envy Kristen and I was secretely hoping that Snow White was going to die. That doesn’t normally happen to me.

    OUAT IS AWESOME. I’m so in love with the television show. There are so many amazing actors and I love the story line. Every episode has such a high quality. Rumpeltstiltskin is great πŸ˜€



  6. I really, really need to start watching Once. I love all things fairy tale. And I agree with you about Mirror Mirror. That girl was no damsel in distress, which is a good message for young girls without being too in your face.


  7. I love Once and have followed it faithfully from the beginning. So so in love with Robert Carlyle as Rumple/Gold. I love the show in general but the episodes that focus on him and his backstory are my favorite (I hate Milah with a passion, and even more after last weeks episode where she didn’t tell him she was pregnant when he went to fight in the ogre wars). Ginnifer Goodwin is adorable as Snow, and my current girl crush.
    I actually enjoyed Mirror Mirror. I haven’t seen Snow White and the Huntsman yet, but its coming on Movie Central in a couple weeks, and my PVR is set to record. I’ve waited a long time to see it.


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