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Miniviews – Double Crossed

There seems to be a TON of these novellas out there, and I really love them oh so much, but it’s really REALLY hard to write a full review about them! So I give you Miniviews! Miniature versions of my reviews that are perfectly designed for all the lovely novellas/short stories!

Novella: Double Crossed by Ally Carter

double crossed

Series: Heist Society and Gallagher Girls by Ally Carter

Character Focus: Macey McHenry from Gallagher Girls and W.W. Hale V from Heist Society – Macey is one of my favorite Gallagher Girls! I love how she’s “experienced” in life, strong and sassy with a wit that’s sharp as a knife. And Hale? SAAAAWWWOOOON! I love Hale. He’s one of the dreamier crush levels I have!

Spoiler? Not really. There are a few lines that COULD be spoilers, but only if you’ve read all the other books in the series. Like “Well there was one time we crawled down a shaft” and if you know that scene from one of the books, then you get it. Otherwise it could just be a vague reference to any other past experience. I would, however, suggest you get as far as the 3rd book in the GG series (Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover) and both of the Heist Society books. I’m not really sure where Double Crossed fits into both series’ worlds, but that’s about as far as I’ve gotten and it seemed about right. Then again, maybe I’d get a few more of the references if I’d read further in the GG series? Who knows!

Must Read? If you love GG and HS, YESSSS! READ THIS!!! If you haven’t read GG and HS, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? These series are totes adorbs and you should get on it ASAP! However, if you don’t read it, nothing in here will help or hinder you from either series. Which is good.

Final Thoughts: This one was such a cute, quick read! I adore both these series Carter has written and am attached to all of the characters. However, with both series narrated by a single character, it was nice to take a break from Cammie (from GG) and Kat (from HS) and get to see two other main characters who aren’t always in the spotlight. Since spying and thievery seem to cross over so much, it was fun to see a spy girl and a boy thief interact, especially since neither knew just who the other was! I also LOVED that there was no attraction/love/flirting between Macey and Hale. While I don’t really know about Macey’s love life, Hale and Kat FOREVER! There were seriously some cute moments in there between Kat and Hale (oh, forgot that Kat does show up!) that made me giggly!

Quotations: “I’m sorry if I’m not flirting with you. I’m kind of spoken for.” – Hale (hoorays!!!)


6 thoughts on “Miniviews – Double Crossed”

  1. I picked this up because it’s free and I love the HS series. I’m on hold for the latest book – can’t wait to read it! I’ve never read GG and wasn’t sure if this novella would make sense to me, but I’m glad to hear you say that it still works if you aren’t familiar with either series. And with Hale’s POV I’m sold regardless 🙂
    Fun miniview, Candice!


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