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7 Favorite Harry Potter Moments: #3 and #4

Today we’re at Universal Studios (unless I’ve made my sister go back to Islands of Adventure so we can go to Harry Potter World again). I think what has really helped the Harry Potter movies excel are the actors. Not just the main three (Daniel, Emma and Rupert) but the plethora of secondary (?) actors. Just about any British actor who is any British actor has been in these movies and have absolutely shone in their respective roles.

That being said, today’s favorites are absolutely appropriate because they both feature some of my favorites from the movies!

#3 – The hotness of the Weasley twins

Who would have ever thought that two gangly gingers would turn out to be so hot? Not me, that’s for sure!

#4 – Any scene that Helena Bonham Carter is in

I don’t really remember much about Bellatrix Lestrange from the books, mainly because re-reading them I haven’t gotten that far (I’m still working on GoF) (she said over a year ago). But I do know that casting HBC as Bellatrix was a total WIN. The first time we were introduced to her was like whoa… she’s one crazy you know what.


Time for more fun!

 I miss you!
I miss you!

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