Mythology, Young Adult


The Goddess Inheritance by Aimee Carter

goddess inheritance

The Skinny: Kidnapped and pregnant, Kate has been taken from her new family and husband, locked away by Calliope and Cronus. Calliope wants to take her baby and Kate is unable to stop her. But Cronus offers her a deal: agree to be his wife and he’ll protect the baby from Calliope and spare humanity from his wrath. However, he will destroy everything she has grown to love: her family, her mother, and Henry. But if she refuses, Cronus will destroy every last person on earth. With the weight of the world on her shoulders, and the power to save her world, how will Kate decide her fate?

BFF?: Yeah… in Goddess Interrupted, Kate was extra whiney so I was really worried about how she would be in this book and if we could hold on to our BFF friendship. Luckily, I think her mama bear tendencies kicked in and she started acting more like a goddess. Yes, she still whined, but this whining I actually got. She was terrified of losing not only her husband, but her son! I think I might have whined too. But Kate totally redeemed herself by attempting to stand up to Cronus and Calliope, figure out how to save everything when others wanted to do nothing, and truly stepped into her role. Way to go bestie!

Readability: I’ve completely fallen in love with this series. The books are fun, light, yet serious enough to have some substance. They read extremely well and I can’t say enough about how I love them!

Crush Level: 10
Whatever. I love Henry.

Extra Crush: Nicholas (Hephaestus) – seriously, if Henry weren’t there to steal all the points, he would get a 10. After reading The Goddess Legacy, I really loved him and how wonderful he is!

Bonus Points:

me w grant

Seriously, my internal clock is ticking. Kate and Henry’s baby was oh so cute though.

Epic god battle
immortals fight
Who doesn’t like these? Although we don’t get to see much fighting, we get to see the aftermath of it and wow… glad none of it’s real!



Look, out of all the swoony love interests that are out there I feel like Henry is the first one that I can actually get the swoons over and NOT feel like a disgusting old lady drooling over the latest Twilight movie. That’s definitely a bonus point, my friend!

Commencement Speech: Although I’m seriously sad about this series coming to an end, I think it came to a perfect end. Love triumphed, evil perished, t’s were crossed and i’s were dotted. Despite everything that’s going on in the series, at its core the series is a love story of two people who managed to overcome everything and find true happiness. Is it perfect? No, but it’s real. I think that’s what has drawn me into this series. None of the elements of love are perfect but they’re real and honest, which, to me, makes them perfect.

There is also some awesome action, back stabbing, questionable actions and all the things that make a Greek saga great!

Yearbook Quote: None! ARC!
Superlatives: Most likely to send your swoon factor sky rocketing!
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3 thoughts on “Babies!!!”

  1. “Crush Level: 10
    Whatever. I love Henry.”

    LOL this is why we are friends. I LOVE HENRY TOO!! I got this one from NG and I am sooo excited to read! I think I have The Goddess Legacy as well. WOO WOOOO! I was hoping this one would be awesome. YAY!


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