Historical, Young Adult

Where’s Mr. Pamuk when you really need him?

Wentworth Hall by Abby Grahame

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The Skinny: At Wentworth Hall everyone has a secret, from the new nanny to Lord Darlington himself, secrets of passion and betrayal, heartbreak and revenge. But the secrets are kept, until scandalous satires begin appearing in the newspaper that seem awfully close to the Darlingtons and their staff. Will the writer reveal his or her secret or will the satires reveal more than those at Wentworth Hall are willing to let out?

BFF?: There were a TON of characters in this book, so it’s hard to pinpoint which character I’d want to be BFFs with. I think I liked Maggie the most though, mainly because she seemed to be the main character. Although, to be honest, she wasn’t very memorable. Kind of vanilla, but I liked that at one time she used to be fiery and outgoing. She travels to France before the book takes place and while there she undergoes a change of character. Why, you may ask? You’ll have to read the book… ooooOOOooo!

Readability: As I said, there were lots of characters, so while the narration stayed the same, it was hard juggling all the different characters at first. But, after a while, it got easier and reading became smoother. However, none of the writing was particularly gripping and was, like Maggie, kind of vanilla.

Crush Level: 6
Even though there were lots of characters (I don’t think I’ve stressed this enough) the one that I seemed to develop a tiny crush on was the stable boy (I know, how passe) Michael. He was handsome and I imagined him to have a noble brow and strong jaw. Oh whatever, I imagined him to look like Matthew Crawley. He loved Maggie from afar, wanted more from his station in life, and was honestly, just great.

Bonus Points:

Downton Abbey

Even the cover says “And you thought there were secrets at the Abbey.” I have ADORED Downton Abbey and have fallen in love with this time period. That’s really what kept me going through this book!

There are an abundance of secrets at Wentworth Hall. Most you can figure out, but some were pretty shocking!

Commencement Speech: We reviewed this one for Selective Collective and I was SO excited about it! Sadly though, it was a little bit of a let down. I did enjoy it and was into it, but overall it wasn’t what I was hoping it would be. The whole book seemed to lead up to this huge, dramatic climax; introduced characters and began to develop them, only to have a hurried ending and suddenly these other characters just dropped out of the picture. It kind of bothered me that their ends didn’t get tied up nicely. I did appreciate all the different descriptions of not only the time period but also of the setting. It helped a lot with my enjoyment since I really do love this time period. Wentworth Hall was a good book, and I would suggest you try it out if you’re looking to fill the time before Downton Abbey returns, but overall, it wasn’t mind-blowing.

Yearbook Quote: None! ARC!
Superlatives: Most likely to NOT be picked up by Julian Fellowes
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3 thoughts on “Where’s Mr. Pamuk when you really need him?”

  1. Dude. Mr. Pamuk jokes are my favorite. This one has been on the radar but I have been wary to add it to the TBR..after what I am hearing from you gals it doesn’t seem like it will blow me away so I’m not sure..maybe it will be a summer read! Also I FINALLY have time to watch Downton tonight..YEAHHH BUDDY!!


    1. Woo for watching Downton tonight!!! If you want to borrow my copy of Wentworth Hall, you’re welcome to. It really wasn’t that bad – I actually enjoyed it. Just wasn’t mindblowing or anything. Would make for a good summer read though!


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