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Top Ten Tuesday – 2013 Book(ish) Goals

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week they come up with a topic and invite whoever wants to add their own list to their own blog.

I really do dislike goals. I mean, I make them all the time, but get so frustrated when I can’t keep them. But, despite that, today’s Top Ten is making me think of things I need to do this year as far as books go.

Today’s Top Ten are my 2013 Bookish Goals:

Read more classics – I even made my own little reading challenge!

Actually READ NetGalley books – I have oh so many approved requests that I haven’t even touched. I need to be better about this!

Frequent used bookstores less – a) my pocketbook can’t take it anymore and b) I have no more room on my shelves!

Read the books I own – I have soooo many books I need to read but keep passing over for library books and borrowed books. I want to read these books I own, but I keep thinking “Oh, I’ll just get to it later.” It’s a bad habit!

Listen to audiobooks more regularly – I adore audiobooks and for a while was listening to them all the time. I need to do that more often!

Share – People share books with me. I need to be fair and share books with others!

Clean up my shelves – My shelves are ridiculous with the amounts of books I haven’t read. See “frequent used bookstores less.”

Limit library request binges – I’m sure we all do this, but I get a little crazy sometimes and will end up requested like 10 books and they all come in at once and I get overwhelmed and panicked and end up not reading them. Bad library patron!

Utilize Goodreads better – I used it for a while to keep track of what I was reading, what I had read and wanted to read. But then just stopped. I need to use it more so I can remember all the books I want to read!

Read outside the box – Lately I think I’ve been in a reading slump. Not that books I’ve read have been bad, but that they’re all starting to be the same. I want to read things that may be outside my comfort zone or a genre I haven’t given much attention to.



9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – 2013 Book(ish) Goals”

  1. Great goals, Candice! NetGalley, sigh…I really don’t know why they approve me anymore. It is out of control! And yes I can totally relate about the library binges which I suppose will get me in trouble again since I’m trying to control my spending. Yay for audiobooks and reading outside the box too! It does help to read a different genre sometimes to get out of a reading rut.
    Good luck with all your bookish goals!


  2. “Limit library request binges” – Oh gosh, this is me ALL THE TIME. I end up requesting wayyy too many and then I can’t read them all before they’re due! I’m trying to pay better attention to where I am on the list so I can freeze the hold (idk if you have this option at your library) when I’m at the top of the list if I’m not ready for it yet.


  3. I’m totally with you on the library binge. It’s especially an issue when I request ebooks and I’m, like, 12th in line…and then the book arrives during exam week or something. I wish I could pass on a book by letting the #2 person on the list go ahead of me, and then read it when they are done!


  4. Totally with you on reading outside the box. Reading things I don’t normally read is good…and it’s part of the fun of reading. Also with you on reading books I own, listening to audio books, and reading classics. Good luck with your goals!


  5. Most of these are my goals as well!!! Especially to read those books that I own and read more Netgalley…I am ashamed because they will stop approving if I keep letting them get archived! AHH! You go girl, let’s do this 2013!!


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