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Books on Tape: Because the cover was pretty

Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon

carrier of the mark

The Skinny: When Meghan’s dad accepts a new job, she uprooted from her American home to Ireland. Although wary of her new home at first, she finds that she quickly feels at home, much to her surprise. And then she meets Adam, the most gorgeous boy at her new school, and falls helplessly for him. But his family, the DeRis’, are her small town’s most mysterious family with all sorts of rumors swirling around them. As she and Adam begin to fall in love, Meghan slowly begins to uncover the DeRis’ secret and soon finds she’s a part of it too.

BFF?: So at first I kind of adored Meghan. She was funny and sweet with a little bit of attitude. I thought she was going to be GREAT to get to know. And for a while, I really did like her. That is, until she met Adam. Whenever she was with him it was like “yawn, hurry up and go do something else.” I still really liked her when she wasn’t with him, but when she was she became THAT GIRL. *rolls eyes*

Listenability: Okay, so there are good audiobooks and then there are GREAT audiobooks. This one? GREAT. I absolutely LOVED the narrator and how she used Irish accents while reading. It made it come alive and really put me in the setting. And, not gonna lie, I may or may not have talked with an Irish accent around the house after I would listen to it for a while.

Crush Level: 5
Edward Cullen, Adam DeRis is not. Sure, they have a lot of the same qualities: super powers, stalkerish, over-protective… but Adam was, well, cheesy. Maybe it was how the narrator narrated his voice. Maybe it was the “you take my breath away” lines that turned me off. Whatever it was, he just didn’t do it for me. But, he does get a little bit of a crush level because hey, he is supposed to be hot.

Bonus Points:

Wrought Iron Bed
wrought iron

Meghan has a wrought iron bed that she brings with her over from America. It was also her mother’s. I have a wrought iron bed that was my first big girl bed and it was MY mother’s. Just a little something that made me smile!

Yeah, after reading this one, I WANT TO GO TO IRELAND!

Elemental Super Powers


As I got to know more about the DeRis’ powers and such, I kept thinking about Captain Planet. Especially when it’s let on that when all four Carriers get together a 5th something will emerge. By your powers combined…

Commencement Speech: Alright, so here’s the deal with this book. I genuinely enjoyed it. I thought it was fun, fresh, and interesting. The Irish mythology was something I hadn’t been exposed to before and I found it super neat to learn more about, even if it was partly made up. The characters weren’t really anything new, but they all seemed to work together and that’s what mattered. All that aside, I found myself wanting this one to be over. I think it was a little TOO heavy on the romance and how it was forbidden and there was too many kissy scenes. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “too MANY kissy scenes?” Yeah, I love them as much as the next person, but when there are an abundance of PDAs you kind of become immune to how hot they are. Anyway… if you’re wary of this book – because I don’t think it’s had a TON of great reviews according to Goodreads – I would highly suggest the audiobook. It was loads of fun and really puts you into the book, but you can easily zone out of the kissy scenes.
Yearbook Quote: “You are one scary girl. Beautiful, amazing, magical, but damn scary.”
Superlatives: Best brochure for a trip to Ireland
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7 thoughts on “Books on Tape: Because the cover was pretty”

  1. Oh this was one was kinda notorious because of the author. But still, too many kissy scenes would probably have me screaming for the hills. Any suggestions for another book set in Ireland? I find myself craving to read one.


    1. Yeah, I remembered all the drama w/ the author, and really tried to not let that hinder me enjoying the book. I can’t think of any that take place in Ireland, but I’d love to read some more that take place there! The setting was honestly my favorite part of this book.


      1. I love Irish settings! Have you read Cate Tiernan’s witch series? That one had Irish settings parsed in between but the atmosphere was amazing.


  2. Oh, I love Irish settings but unfortunately I kind of refuse to read this book because I know my experience would be tainted by that whole earlier drama.


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