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Selective Collective: Review of Love and Other Perishable Items

Love and Other Perishable Items by Laura Buzo

Love and opi

The Skinny: Amelia is in high school, works part time at a grocery store, and is in love with a boy. A boy who is six years older than her. Chris, one of her co-workers at the grocery store where she works, is cute, charming, and funny. And from the moment she met him, Amelia has been in love with him. But as their friendship grows, Amelia begins to wonder if he’ll ever look at her the way she wants him to and, if he does, exactly what would that mean?

BFF?: Amelia is basically me in high school. Well, probably more college. You know, the type of girl who is madly in love with a boy who barely knows her name, who thinks they’re going steady after just one drunken kiss, and who lives this whole fantasy relationship in her head that she’s too oblivious to anything that’s going on in the world. I don’t think I’d want this girl for my BFF, but I totally get her. Aside from those things, Amelia is pretty deep thinking. She gets completely worked up over issues and her rants are super funny at times. I really appreciated that about her and she became pretty endearing at times.

Readability: The book goes back and forth between Amelia’s narrative and Chris’s journals. I loved seeing this and getting to know both characters this way. It was fairly easy to read, but some things got lost in translation – with it being set in Australia and written by an Australian writer, there were some things that I didn’t “get,” such as locations and some of the terminology. Otherwise, great read!

Crush Level: 2
Call me crazy, but I was not a fan of Chris. I mean, I can see why Amelia had a crush on him. He was nice, he was charming, he was funny. But I also thought he was, well, a jerk on some levels. Of course, I’m not a 15 year old girl crushing on a 21 year old, so that could be how I was able to see past his charm. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think he was a nice guy. But he was so hung up on his ex, he was back and forth with the girls at work, and he drank way too much. Meh, he was just not for me.

Bonus Points:

Part Time Jobs

Although I had some really crappy ones, one of the best jobs I had was working part time at a movie store. The other employees and I got super close and had fun times outside of work, much like the ones in this book. Minus the hooking up and drugs. But still, nothing like your first part time job!

There was TONS of feminist stuff in this book and I loved it oh so much! It didn’t really talk about the blatant aspects of it, equal pay and such, but the more subtle aspects of it. Like cleaning product commercials only showing women using the products. Gave lots of food for thought!

Unrequited Love


I hate this, but sometimes makes for the best stories. That’s it.

Commencement Speech: This is definitely a book worth checking out. I think most people go through a time period in their lives when they fall for someone who may be the right person but at the wrong time. It’s easy to relate to this situation and definitely the two characters going through this issue. I think that’s what made this book special to me: the characters. They were extremely deep, not just what we see on the surface. I loved getting to see them through the other character’s eyes as well as through their own.
Yearbook Quote: “Even being in unrequited love might be better than the cold hard light of day.
Superlatives: Most likely to make you rethink that boy you’ve been crushing on.
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5 thoughts on “Selective Collective: Review of Love and Other Perishable Items”

  1. I agree with the idea that Chris isn’t the kind of character *I* would’ve had a crush on, but I definitely remember having crush on an older, unattainable guy who made me feel special because he was interested in what I had to say. Of course I never actually got physical with him, so the crush remained blissfully in my heart 😉


  2. I keep forgetting I have this book on my kindle! It sounds like my kind of read and I’m looking forward to checking it out in the new year. Unrequited love is rough, and not something you read about often in YA so I’m intrigued. The workplace setting also appeals to me, as well as the feminist tone. Thanks for the awesome review!


  3. I completely agree with you about Chris. I understand why Amelia likes him, but he wouldn’t have been my ideal crush. I loved reading his journals. His pain explained so much about him. I liked this book. It wasn’t the cutesy kind I’d read over and over again, but I think she nailed those feelings, the awkwardness, the whole thing. Great review!


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