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Blog Tour: All the Broken Pieces Review

All the Broken Pieces by Cindi Madsen


The Skinny: When she wakes up from a coma after a horrible car accident, Olivia doesn’t have any idea who she is. As she begins to adjust to her life sans memories, she begins to hear voices, distinct and often arguing with the other. She begs her parents to let her attend public school and, after a rocky first start to her junior year, soon meets Spencer. At first, he seems like a jerk, hot one minute then cold the next, but as they begin to grow closer Olivia begins to see there’s more to him beneath the surface. Just like with her own self. But when realistic dreams of the past begin to haunt her, jarring what could possibly memories, Olivia begins to suspect that the life she’s living may not be the one she had before the accident.

BFF?: Olivia, despite the memory loss and not really knowing who she is, was really a great character. She has this personality that really felt natural but sort of stinted like she wasn’t quite all there. Her sense of humor was often dry, a little witty, and exactly like I like my MCs to be! She was a little bit of a wet blanket at times, but I think that had to do with not really knowing what was what. I loved watching her slowly begin to adjust back to normal and start to develop into this deeper character. Definitely want her on my BFF side!

Readability: There wasn’t much flowery prose to this one and you can tell it’s 100% contemporary, but what I loved best about this writing was that it was natural. There weren’t many scenes where I thought “Okay, teens don’t think like that” or “That’s way too deep for a 16 year old.” The writing also kept me hooked and invested in the plot without overwhelming me.

Crush Level: 8
Okay, I freaking LOVED Spencer! His personality is spot on, he’s charming without being over the top, and, best of all, HE HAS GLASSES! I love that! He comes across as kind of standoffish, but you can tell below the surface he’s a good guy. And he has this way of talking to Olivia that makes me think of my own BGFF and I swoon. Swoooonnn!

Bonus Points:

To Do Lists

I love lists. Ever since I was a little girl. Spencer creates a list of things Olivia can’t remember if she can do and then they go about doing them. They list things from watching different movies to listening to music to catching lizards. It’s just really, really sweet and made their relationship so cute!

Dr. Frankenstein
Don’t want to post any spoilers, but not gonna lie: this is what I thought of towards the end!



It’s not often you come across a female MC who is not only good at math but actually LIKES math. While I was never very good at it and certainly never liked it, I do love the fact that math is solid. 2 + 2 will always equal 4.

Elephant Toothpaste
When I took high school chemistry our teacher did an experiment for us. She made elephant toothpaste. I LOVED that one of the things they did in this book was do the same experiment! It was SO cool when I was in high school!

Commencement Speech: I kind of forgot that I was participating in this blog tour (whoops!) but am SO excited that I am! I freaking loved this book! It kept me on edge, WANTING to know about Olivia’s past. It made me question everything and I seriously came up with about 10 different scenarios about what could the be the truth behind Olivia’s past. The ending was definitely not what I expected, but I loved the way it made me question the outcome. One thing I loved best about this book and what made it so endearing was the relationship between Spencer and Olivia. They just worked together and I loved watching them play off the other.
Cindi Madsen is totally an author I’m anxious to read more from and think she has written a super great book!
Yearbook Quote: “I don’t know.” “You say that a lot.” “I can make up something if you’re going to be obnoxious about it.”
Superlatives: Most likely to… er… I forget
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