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NaNoWriMo Day 20 & 21: WTF was that?!

Thursday 4:09 PM, Day 20

I honestly think when my body was formed, tiny pieces of my brain detached themselves from the cluster in my head and worked their way down to my fingers. Because honestly, that is the only excuse I can come up with for what just happened with my story.

Here I am, writing away la di da and I look at what I’m writing and sit back and think “whoa!” Literally, total shock came over both my MC and ME!

This is what I love best about winging it with writing. I love when serious shizz just HAPPENS, no plans, no rules, just shocking plot twists that leave even me shocked.

I’m also listening to some Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack and it’s totally helping me write. I keep picturing my characters acting to the music, like it’s the soundtrack to my story. Usually music and writing, for me, don’t mix. This, though, this is awesome.

Word count as of right now: 21,721

Friday 8:27 AM, Day 21

Last night I met my daily word count goal of 4,000 – actually, I wrote 4,003 words. Go me!

And yes, as I finished up I sat looking at what I had written and thought “Oh man, I just introduced a love triangle without even meaning to!”

Although I had serious doubts at the beginning of writing this, all I can think now is “Yes. This is going to be EPIC!”

Word count as of right now: 22, 972

Goals for today: REACH 25K!


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