Fairy Tales, Young Adult

Princess of the Silver Woods

Princess of the Silver Woods by Jessica Day George

The Skinny: Princess Petunia, the youngest of the 12 sisters in Jessica Day George’s series, is sent to visit an elderly friend of her family’s. But in order to get to her friend’s, she must pass through the dangerous woods where a band of thieves dressed as wolves are known to rob passers through. When Petunia’s carriage is attacked, she is “kidnapped” by one of the wolves, who just so happens to be handsome and devilishly cute. But when Petunia reaches her final destination, she soon realizes that old curses aren’t so easily broken and her elderly friend isn’t all that she seems. Princess of the Silver Woods combines the stories of Red Riding Hood and Robin Hood, mixing in nicely with the previous stories of the 12 princesses.

BFF?: The last time I saw Petunia she was, no joke, like 6. My how she has grown into quite the little lady, with just as much gumption as she ever had! It’s really got to be hard to be the youngest, especially when you’re the youngest of TWELVE sisters. Petunia is tired of being babied, tired of being overshadowed by her sisters, so traveling to Westfalin to visit her elderly friend (who has a handsome grandson, BTW) seems like the perfect escape from her older sisters. From the get-go I loved Petunia – any princess that aims her gun at a team of bandits without fear earns major points in my book!

Readability: This one goes back and forth between Petunia and Oliver, but not in a confusing way. I loved getting to know them both and I think they balanced each other out nicely. We also get to see all the other sisters and their husbands, so the majority of the book is this conglomerate of family members – one you want to be a part of. There’s also beautiful storytelling; from the settings to the characters to the hints of romance everything was just wonderful.

Crush Level: 6
Oliver was, don’t get me wrong, very cute and I loved him as a romantic character, but with the combination of all the other husbands/fiances around, it made me realize just how young he was compared to them. So I couldn’t really swoon over him because it was like “Oh, he’s my LITTLE sister’s boyfriend.”

Bonus Points:

Little Red Riding Hood

So Petunia wears this riding hood, as you can see from the cover, and it’s supposed to be super gorgeous. For several, several years I’ve wanted to dress as Red Riding Hood for Halloween (which I totally did this year!) so I loved the fact that this fairy tale was featured!

Commencement Speech: If you haven’t read the other books in this series, I’ll try to keep this as un-spoilery as possible, but I highly suggest you go and read them. Because they are that good. Princess of the Silver Woods picks up with the youngest of the 12 princesses, Petunia, and brings back all of the princesses in full force. What I loved most about them was that they are all super developed, even the ones who don’t get a lot of face time. They all have their own personalities, lives, problems, but they combine forces to become 12 kick-butt princesses who eventually save the day. Yes, there are handsome princes to help out, but essentially the girls know what’s up. I also love how Jessica Day George’s series take on these sinister aspects, delving a little deeper into darkness that weaves perfectly with the fairy tales. Although yes, this one focuses on Red Riding Hood and Robin Hood, we also get to see aspects from the previous books, such as the dark beings that held the princesses dancing captives every night. There’s fun, mayhem, magic, and romance aplenty in this book and the series and I really think you need to check it out. CHECK IT OUT!
Yearbook Quote: None! ARC!
Superlatives: Most likely to steal your knitting needles and give them to the poor
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12 thoughts on “Princess of the Silver Woods”

  1. I just finished reading this the other night. I liked it too, but I totally get what you mean about Oliver. He seemed so young. Like you said, he felt like a younger brother. But, I have to say, I don’t think that is a bad thing, because, this is a book for teens, and he felt very much like a teen boy. Perhaps with a little more honor than most teen boys today. 🙂

    On another note, this is definitely my favorite cover of the three.


      1. I haven’t yet, but I think there’s a Cinderella type one, no? I was thinking about reading that for my Project Fairy Tale project! But my library doesn’t have it so I’m not sure where to get it


    1. DO IT! This series takes a kind of creepy twist on the story. The first in the series is 12 Dancing Princesses, then the second is Cinderella, and then this one. Hope you can check them out!


  2. Petunia sounds legit. I like what you said about her facing bandits with no fear. ALSO. I need to read this series ASAP.


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