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Top Ten Tuesday – Bad Governments

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week they come up with a topic and invite whoever wants to add their own list to their own blog.

Thank goodness today’s TTT was a freebie! On Sunday I went to church with my mom and the sermon was about, you guessed it, the election. Of course it had a God/Jesus spin to it, but there was one line that our minister spoke of that really stuck in my mind. “We did not get here on our own.”

If you live in America, today (Nov. 6) is election day and is, in my opinion, one of the most important days we as Americans can take part in. It is our chance to exercise our rights our ancestors fought (and died) for us to have. It is our way of serving our country. And it’s our way of preserving what we hold dear about our home.

I feel extremely proud to live in a country where I can help to decide how I want my country run. I am able to join the millions of other citizens and cast my vote for our leaders and our laws. But not all countries are so lucky. Sometimes there are evil dictators or corrupt governments that hold citizens back from even the most human rights. And one place we can see these governments front and center are in some of our favorite books.

Today’s Top Ten are the Top Ten Bad Governments in Literature:

Panem, Hunger Games – I mean, obviously Panem would make this list. A glowing, glittering capitol with surrounding poorer districts, meeting the insane demands of its ruling class out of fear of destruction? Clearly bad.

Prentisstown; New Prentisstown, Chaos Walking – This one wasn’t so much the government as it was the ruler, Mayor Prentiss. He managed to basically poison the minds of the men of his town, kill off all the women, and take over an entire new area by manipulation and skeezy, slimy fast talking.

Monsea, Bitterblue – I’m not talking about Leck’s Monsea so much as I am talking about the country while Bitterblue reigned. She was surrounded by questionable advisers, unsure of who was trustworthy and who was not. Without a trustworthy team, how can any ruler, and government, truly be successful?

Future Chicago, Divergent – Everything seems hunky dory until Candor starts taking over and then it becomes obvious that the system is majorly flawed.

Futuristic America, All These Things I’ve Done – This series doesn’t take place TOOOO far into the future, so there’s still people around who remember the good old days (ie today). But I’m sorry, a world where chocolate and coffee are made illegal sounds like a pretty bad choice by the government.

Winter Court, Iron Fey Series – Queen Mab = totally bad government. Have you seen what happens when you piss her off? No good can come of it with her being the head of the government.

Baalboden, Defiance – Baalboden is basically a tyranny state with a sadistic ruler. Women have no real rights and have to be with a man at all times. People are forced to stay within the gates of the city, punished and executed at will, and yeah… it’s just wholly bad.

Alternate Historical America, Born Wicked – A “religious” order who dictates all of society and what they can and can’t do? While I’m all for religion, “religious” orders freak the heck out of me. It would be Salem all over again.

Futuristic America, Delirium – I’ll just say it: the idea of removing love from a person making the world a better place sounds ridiculous. Sure, it makes sense because love does seem to movtivate most things, but a government that mandates this? No good.

The Society, Matched – The Society is really what a true dystopian society is. A seemingly perfect society that underneath is not. Its citizens are blindly, unquestioningly living in a world where powerful leaders are simply pulling strings. The second you speak out or question anything, you’re gone, disappeared and sent from the “perfect” society.

So if you live in America, I encourage you to go out today, cast your vote, let your voice be heard. Because if we don’t, I think literature gives us a great example of what happens to governments when the people refuse to speak up…


11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Bad Governments”

  1. Amazing topic and reference! I don’t live in the US, but no one should let society evolve to the point of Panem! Voting is important.


  2. LOVE your list! And love all of the books I’ve read on your list (which is basically almost all of them since you know I love dystopians). Now keep an open spot on here for when I finish my NaNo work hahahaha


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