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Think Pink Day 2

Recently there has been a lot of hooplah over the NFL’s Breast Cancer campaign and how much they REALLY give to the charity vs. how much the league actually makes. This sparked a pretty big debate between a friend and I the other day, so I won’t go into my opinions of this situation.

But that brings me to today’s focus: support. Unless you’re developmentally challenged in the breast area, you’ve been well aware of the fact that support is necessary for boobs. Whether it’s a training bra or a heavy-duty over the shoulder boulder holder, we’ve needed support for a very long time. Sigh… :-\

But there’s another thing in regards to breasts and support that we need and that is support of Breast Cancer Research, Education, and Awareness. Although we tend to lump these three things in together when we refer to Breast Cancer support, they are all VERY different and have a plethora of supporters.

Susan G. Komen Foundation – One of the most popular and highly supported foundations, the Komen Foundation raises money towards research, education, awareness, and support. The Komen Foundation provides educational materials about early detection, diagnosis, breast health and many other topics all women should read.

Breast Cancer Research Foundation – Provides research funding for not only treatments but for a cure. From the website: Currently 91 cents of every dollar spent… is directed towards breast cancer research and awareness programs.

National Breast Cancer Foundation – The NBCF provides educational information about breast cancer and helps to educate women on early detection, breast health, and the cancer itself.

The Avon Foundation – Avon Foundation is the leader in corporate donors globally, providing funding for educational programs for early detection, scientific research, and access to care.

Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity (yay! Go ZTA!) – One of the largest non-profit partners with various organizations raising awareness and education, ZTA fraternity has partnered with Yoplait, the NFL, and Lifetime – just to name a few. Oh, and like the term “Think Pink?” Yeah, you’re welcome. In Feb. 2004, ZTA announced that “Think Pink” is a registered trademark with the US Patent and Trademarks Office.

Yoplait – Yoplait’s “Save Lives, Save Lids” campaign has raised millions to help support breast cancer research and education. For every lid redeemed, Yoplait will donate $.10 towards the Susan G. Komen Foundation, up to $2.5 million. (Oh, and if you’re in college/work at a college with a ZTA chapter there, chances are they have a box where they’re collecting them. Again, you’re welcome)

Men Against Breast Cancer – That’s right, an all men group that supports the ladies they love. From their homepage: MABC is the first national, non-profit organization designed to provide targeted support services to educate and empower men to be effective caregivers when breast cancer strikes a female loved one. This group. AWESOME.

These are just a few groups that have taken tremendous strides in the fight against breast cancer. I know we can all go a little crazy with the pink during October, and that pretty much everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon and see how much money they can bring in from us who are wanting to “think pink,” but educating yourself and others on the organizations who truly support the fight against breast cancer.


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