Huzzah! Ash is back!!! I mean, this book is great.

The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa

The Skinny: Years ago, Ethan Chase was kidnapped by the Iron King and taken into the Iron Realm. His sister, Meghan, saved him, only to eventually leave him to become the Iron Queen. But now, Ethan is all grown up and still plagued by the fey. Cut off from everyone, Ethan keeps to himself, putting up a gruff exterior not to avoid people but to avoid them getting hurt. But when the fey become too much for him, he is forced to use a token the Iron Queen gave him, something he vowed he would never do. He is whisked into the Nevernever, along with Kenzie – a plucky girl who has made it her duty to get to know Ethan – to meet with Meghan. Ethan realizes he must face the threat alone and find out what is threatening the world he vowed to never return to.

BFF?: I always find myself torn when there is a male protagonist. I never know if I want to be friends with them because I don’t really have guy friends. But here goes. I really loved Ethan; he reminded me so much of his sister Meghan (who you may remember from The Iron King!), but he definitely had his own brand of awesomeness. One thing I didn’t really like, although totally got, was his angry vibe he constantly put out. I never get angry characters; why are you so rawr all the time? But since I got to hear his voice, despite all his anger and bluntness, I got to see glimpses of the little boy we all loved from the Iron Fey series. Ethan wasn’t this mean, bad trouble maker everyone thought him to be; he was more this lost kid who had gone through this traumatic experience (and being kidnapped by fairies is pretty traumatic) was trying to protect himself from the fey who still appeared to him. He wanted to protect his family and others from the fey, knowing what they were capable of. I also loved that Ethan took that um… well he took some kind of karate that teaches him how to use swords. I can’t remember, but it was cool. So, overall… maybe I’d be BFFs with Ethan. If he’d lose the ‘tude!

Secondary BFF: Since there was another main character in here, Kenzie, I thought she was worth mentioning. Kenzie is also Ethan’s luuuuuvvvv interest. She’s this perky spunky wannabe-reporter who kind of gets on your nerves, as I’m sure most wannabe-reporters can, but she really takes everything in stride. She totally put up with Ethan’s angry crap and stood toe to toe with him where other girls might have slunk away to their friends and griped about the mean boy. Kenzie also has a little more depth than I initially thought, which is good because if she was pretty flat, she’d lose my interest really quickly. Oh! She also has streaks of blue in her hair. Which I love!

Readability: Okay, is there anyone out there who DOESN’T eat up Kagawa’s writing? (don’t answer that) I’ll admit, it’s not the most beautiful writing out there, but there’s something raw and edgy about it that sucks you in and won’t let you go. It’s easy to get lost in whatever world she’s painting, whether it’s New Orleans, Tir Na Nog, the Nevernever… I’m there! Her conversations are natural, easy and realistic. If you enjoy her writing, this one won’t disappoint.

Crush Level: Be still my heart!

So, since I don’t wanna develop a crush on my BFF Jill Ethan, I’ll just leave you with this little tidbit: Ash is back.

Okay, he’s not really back, but he does make several appearances in The Lost Prince and wowzers… he’s even hotter than I remember!

Bonus Points:

All Grown Up – I love when spin-off series feature a younger character from an original series and we get to see not only those characters grown up, but also our original favorite characters grown up! While I loved getting to know Ethan as a teenager, I absolutely adored seeing Meghan and Ash and Puck grown up… er, well they’re still teenagers since they don’t age, but you get the idea!

Return to Faeryland – I didn’t realize just how much I missed this world until I got into The Lost Prince. Kagawa returns us to this magical place, but it’s not the same old same old. We get to explore new regions, get to know new characters. All in all, very awesome!

Central Park CastleThere’s a scene where our group travels to NYC and ends up in the Belvedere Castle in Central Park. I had one of those “OMG I’ve been there!” moments. The scene was kind of epically awesome too.

Commencement Speech: When I saw this on NetGalley I squealed in delight! I was so anticipating this new book and new series it’s not even funny. As I mentioned before, I didn’t realize just how much I missed this world, that of the Nevernever and Iron Fey. But don’t be fooled: this series is not a copy of The Iron Fey series. Yes, it has a quirky trio, but there’s new trouble afoot in faeryland threatening its very existence.I think what I loved best about this isn’t that it’s a great continuation of The Iron Fey series, giving us a new adventure, but that it doesn’t change anything about the world and characters we loved. We get to see cameos of Meghan, Puck and Ash and see what they’ve become over the years. Grimalkin, who was my FAVORITE, is back and just as snarky as ever. So while there are new dangers there is still the comfort of the home we made years ago in faeryland.

Yearbook Quote: None yet; it’s an ARC!

Superlatives – Most likely to make you wish you had a faery prince all of your own

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3 thoughts on “Huzzah! Ash is back!!! I mean, this book is great.”

  1. I still need to read this book, and I’m happy to hear that Ash makes an appearance. Interesting that Ethan is so angry, but it sounds like Kenzie is a good balance for him. Looking forward to checking it out!


    1. Kenzie really was a great balance to him. I don’t like when characters are all angry, so it was nice to see some cheery characters in this one!


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