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Retro Reads Thursday: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Way back when the CW was known as the WB and showed quality shows instead of the crap it shows today, teenage and young adult Candice pretty much planned her weeknights around the WB. I know, I know; kind of sad, right? Tell me you don’t do it. Go ahead. I dare you.

One night in particular that was always my go-to TV night was Tuesday. Although the shows changed on this night over the years, for some reason the shows on Tuesdays always seemed to resonate with me. I planned my evening around them. In high school, dinner, homework, band practice, etc. HAD to be finished by 7:00. In college, I didn’t schedule classes on Tuesday evenings. Workouts HAD to be over by 6:45 so I could be home by 7:00. I had a problem I’m sure, but this kind of TV doesn’t come along all the time!

One show that particularly resonates still today that was shown Tuesday nights on the WB was Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Buffy was fab, kick-ass while still maintaining her fantastic hairstyles. She was super stylish, pulling off pleather pants and mid-drift tops. AND DID I MENTION SHE WAS KICK-ASS WHILE WEARING HEELS?

But what was so great about her wasn’t that she kicked ass, but that she was super teen. She was awkward, kind of weird, had trouble with grades and dating. But she also had this amazing wit and always had a comeback that was excellently delivered.

Although I only made it to Season 4 as a teen before I stopped watching – c’mon, tell me you hated the Initiative as much as I did – I recently (okay, 3 years ago) watched the entire series and man, oh man. This show is STILL amazeballs after all these years! It was as if nothing had changed, I was still 16 year old Candice watching Buffy on a Tuesday night.


One thing I really came to appreciate was that Buffy didn’t JUST fight vampires. In fact, she fought pretty much every type of baddie out there – zombies, mummies, bug people, werewolves, ghosts. And honestly, these episodes were better than most of the ones where the baddie was a vampire!

If you’ve never been one to watch these types of shows, or maybe just missed out on the awesomepantsness that was BTVS, here are a few of my favorite episodes that you should at least challenge yourself to watch:

“Surprise” and “Innocence” Season 2 – You HAVE to watch these two episodes together. “Surprise” is the episode where Buffy and Angel hook up and there’s a very powerful lesson: Don’t have premarital sex because your boyfriend may turn into an evil killing vampire who will be very mean to you. (okay, that’s not REALLY the lesson, but sort of sneaky 90s WB)

“The Prom” Season 3 – Although the baddies in this one are kind of dumb… it’s prom! And Angel! And le sigh.

“Hush” Season 4 – This is one of the best episodes and there’s only like maybe 10 minutes of dialogue. Sunnydale gets their voices taken away so no one can talk. Wanna see how good actors are? Tell them not to talk.

“The Body” Season 5 – Another best episode, this one has no background music. All of the emotions (and believe me, there are a plenty) are dramatized without a single violin. That aside, the story is phenomenal and will bring you to tears – unless you’re completely heartless!

“Once More, With Feeling” Season 6 – Musicals! Buffy! Musicals + Buffy + Ballet dancing Pinocchio looking characters = GOOOOLLLLDDD! Seriously, this episode brings out so much through songs, so many themes that will permeate the remaining seasons. And yeah, the music is super awesome too.

Really, ALL of Season 6 is fabulous and is my favorite season. It’s such a darker Buffy, dealing with so many dark themes, that it kind of stands alone from the other 6 seasons. Also, my favorite big bad is from this season: Dark Willow!

I could probably go on about my love of Buffy forever, but I think it comes down to it: If you are a child of the 90s, or are just wanting some great TV, you need to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Case. Closed


2 thoughts on “Retro Reads Thursday: Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

  1. YAY YOU’RE BACK ON WORDPRESS!! 🙂 It’s just so much easier to see you here lol.
    I actually never watched Buffy, but it sounds like a TV show I could go back to and totally love! My friends rewatched Dawson’s Creek a while ago (they didn’t invite me to the party. Jerks.) and I totally should go back to some 90s TV shows! Except… I don’t watch my shows now… Because I’m busy reading…. And blogging… Oh well! Can’t have it all! 🙂


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