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Movin on up!

So after about 20 minutes of thought yesterday, I decided that I’m gonna change my blog over to Blogger rather than keep it on WordPress. I mean, I’ve enjoyed everything here and think it’s been super user-friendly, but I want a little more control over the look of my blog. And I got super frustrated with my blog the other day and basically said “screw it.” Hence the train wreck mess it now looks.

That being said, I’d like to invite you all to my Blog Warming Party next Monday (yeah, it’s Labor Day. But what else are you gonna do? There’s a hurricane a comin’)! There will be snacks and cookies, delish rummy drinks (again, hurricane a comin’), and cake! Yes, there will be cake!

There might even be some party favors you can take home with you… you just never know at a Candice party!

This blog will stay live so you can always come play around on it, check out older reviews, etc. I’ll also have a link to the new site in case you forget to change me in your address book. Because even though I’m moving, I still want to keep in touch with all my bloggy friends!

More information regarding the move will be coming later this week. So stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Movin on up!”

  1. We’ll miss you on WordPress, but not like it’s terribly difficult to find you on Blogger 🙂
    WP is pretty terrible, theme wise. I still don’t like mine and I’m trying as hard as I can to manipulate it… Not going so well! Let me know how Blogger goes!


  2. Boo. We’ll miss you on WordPress! I know what you mean though. WP’s themes suck unless you want to self host. I’m totally not a fan of the way the dashboard on Blogger is set up though. Hope your ‘move’ goes smoothly!


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