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Top Ten Tuesday – Getting to know you! Getting to know all about you!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week they come up with a topic and invite whoever wants to add their own list to their own blog.

I feel that if my blog is one thing it’s that it’s a direct reflection of who I really am. On here I’m allowed to speak the way I want without feeling like I sound 17, I can share my true feelings about things without hesitation… Sometimes I think if someone wants to get to know me, they should probably just read my blog. Of course, that would be dumb because then… well that would be dumb.

Whenever I’m writing reviews, Top Tens, discussion posts… I try to put my personality into them. I try to make them seem like it’s me who is speaking them rather than worrying about formalities (and often spelling and grammar). In person I’m kind of quiet, I sometimes don’t always know the right things to say so I’m sure I sound like a babbling moron, and I usually try to keep my opinion, and often my personality, to myself.

But on my blog? Oh, my blog… Here is a place where I feel like I can let all the good things I like flow and not feel stupid about them. I can ramble about my love for Buffy or Zelda, discuss my crazy feminist ideas, and put pictures of My Little Pony to describe my emotions!

Today’s Top Ten are the Posts On Your Blog That Would Give The BEST Picture of YOU.. er, me. Here are the ones that I’ve written so far that I think give the best all-around picture of who I am:

Review of Throne of Glass – This one shows how much of a fan-girl I can truly be. haha

The Grown-Up YA: The ethical blogger – Really just me spouting off in my I’m not really trying to make a point but am making a point by not making a point.

Review of The Book Thief – I love this review. Oh so much.

Top Ten Tuesday Favorite Covers – I like to think I’m a funny girl.

Coming out of the blogging closet – I’m really dependent sometimes on others thoughts and opinions of things.

Why I Love YA – I’m pretty sure no one’s seen this.. haha

Retro Reads: Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married – As much as I talk about this one, you can tell I’m passionate

Character Spotlight: Susan Pevensie – This one not so much the content as much as the intense love I have for dissecting characters and seeing who they really are. I kind of like doing that with most things though.

Review Saving Francesca – I don’t talk about my personal issues often, so when I do I like to be powerful honest.

About Me – Duh

Now that you know me, let’s be bloggy friends! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Getting to know you! Getting to know all about you!”

  1. I thought you might pick that as your title because that’s exactly what popped in my head when I saw this topic 🙂
    I loved your “Why I Love YA!” I didn’t see it for a long time, but once I stumbled upon, I thought it was super cute.


  2. Oh my gosh, I checked out some of your posts, and they are great! The Top Ten Tuesday Favorite Covers was so funny (I loved the picture of Kronk from The Emperor’s New Groove, too!), and the Why I Read YA was totally awesome.


  3. I read your why I love YA post a while back and loved it! I thought it so cute how you used the titles to make it up. Also, loved your review for Throne of Glass. I haven’t read it yet but I definitely will be reading it eventually whenever I have time! Thanks for showing us posts to get to know you better!!


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