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Retro Reads Thursday: Animalympics

For today’s Retro Read I wanted to pick something that was Olympic-y, that maybe had some type of sport or competition. After all, what could be more fitting?

However, no books came to mind. But what DID come to mind is a fabulous cartoon movie that I remember watching as a kid called Animalympics.

Animalympics is more or less a series of vignettes, or short clips, of different sports in which the animal kingdom is participating. Throughout the whole movie, though, there are common threads that keep coming back, such as the blossoming love between French goat runner Renee Fromage and African lioness runner Kit Mambo.

There’s also so plays on the announcers, such as Barbara Warblers (voiced by Gilda Radner (who you might remember as characterizing Barbara Wawa) and I’m pretty sure there was a Woof Blitzer, but don’t quote me on that.

In true 80s fashion, Animalympics has a lot of tongue in cheek comedy, not holding back on inside jokes and jabs at the different sports, competitors, countries, and athletes.

According to Wikipedia (because you know if it’s on Wikipedia it has to be true) in 1978 NBC optioned this movie, actually two separate shows for both winter and summer Olympics, but because the US boycotted the 1980 Olympics held in Moscow, it didn’t actually get to air until later.

Hope everyone is enjoying the Olympics! Go USA and Go World!


1 thought on “Retro Reads Thursday: Animalympics”

  1. OMG I totally forgot that this existed but I totally watched it as a kid!! I love when you bring these kind of things up. =)

    Who doesn’t love a goat-lion romance?


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