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Recommend A… First Book in a Series

I’m always looking for books to recommend, whether they’re for different moods or wants, maybe different time frames or settings… Luckily, Chick Loves Lit has created the PERFECT meme for this! Each week she asks us to recommend a different book that features a different topic.

This week is recommend a First Book in a Series.

Oh series… You’re like the drunken uncle who we all can’t stand but know Christmas Dinner just wouldn’t be the same without. Each year you bring us something new and fun to talk about, but really, you could’ve stopped your antics after the second dinner.

Needless to say, I do have a somewhat soft spot for series, especially when it’s a series of books that could stand alone… but you’re very happy they do not.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe – I’m what I like to call a Narnia purist. (please note I just made this up and will probably forget this term tomorrow) Meaning I choose, and will always choose, to read LWW first in this series. Because that’s how they were written, yo! I first discovered Narnia in 4th grade and if you’ve been following my blog for I dunno… a week… you’ve probably figured out that I have an intense love for this series. What I love best about LWW is that it’s so simple, so pure. It’s a basic story of good vs. evil, innocence, and wonder. You’re not overwhelmed by this world or given too much information, but it leaves a lasting impression and raises questions that are eventually answered throughout the series. In short, this book made me fall in love with reading, with fantasy, and best of all, magic.

Heist Society  – TOOOOTALLY different from Narnia, Heist Society is one of those rare series that doesn’t need a follow up, but thank God we get more Hale! Heist Society tells the story of Katerina Bishop, teen thief. This is like Ocean’s 11 for the YA crowd. It’s fun, sassy, cute, sweet, sexy… all the wonderful things that I associate with professional thievery. And best of all, THERE’S ANOTHER ONE COMING OUT SOON!!!!

Nora Roberts’ Circle Trilogy – I had to throw this one in here. It’s one of my favorite not-sure-why-I-love-this-but-I-do. My mom actually recommended this series to me, which I am NOT okay with, but it’s kind of good, especially if you’re into some paranormal type stuff with super hot sexy vampires and shape shifters.


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