Mythology, Young Adult

And it was THIS big!

The Goddess Legacy by Aimee Carter

The Skinny: Before Kate met Henry, there was eons of history for the gods and goddesses. The Goddess Legacy shares the stories of the gods, what made them who they are today.

BFF?: Honestly, I sort of hated all the gods and goddesses in this book. Minus Henry, of course, because he can do no wrong. Lemme break it down real quick:
Hera/Calliope – So we all know Hera/Calliope is a major beyotch in the Goddess Test series, so it wasn’t any surprise that she’d be one in her story. I had really hoped that maybe she would have started out okay, actually likable, and then gradually got cold and bitter because of all the bad things that happen to her. Nope… she pretty much starts out bad, kind of whiney “why can’t I be queen? why do you get to be king? wah!” She gets a little better and you begin to feel her pain over her cheating husband and not being with the one she wants, but she just treats everyone so cruelly to begin with that it’s hard to care much about her pain. BFF? NOOOOOO!

Aphrodite/Ava – I didn’t really like Ava all that much to begin with. She’s pretty traitorous and isn’t the greatest of friend to Kate. But what really REALLY got my grill is that she’s got these two men fighting over her, Ares and Hephaestus, and she chooses the one who is verbally abusive to her and to others. There was one scene where I really thought she’d dump Ares (who is NOT my favorite god) and go to Hephaestus, but she doesn’t! She just gives a little cry of joy and goes leaping back into his arms! Ugh! BFF? No.

Persephone – When we first meet Persephone (in the Goddess Inheritance) she’s all happy with her new guy but is pretty complacent about Henry. So I kind of thought that while they didn’t have a great marriage, they probably at least had a civil life together at the beginning. But yet they do not… we get to see the first years of her marriage to Hades/Henry and they are not pretty. CLEARLY the girl’s got problems if she’s complaining about Henry being “unnaturally blessed.” And then she CHEATS on him… c’mon girl: your husband is smoking hot and incredibly kind, he’s obviously “unnaturally blessed” and you’re cheating on him? BFF? Yeah right.

Hermes/James – James was okay… I think his story was more fun than the previous three because it was interesting to see one of the gods I really hadn’t given much thought to. And his story was pretty touching. He had a good sense of humor, which I liked. So BFF? Sure, why not?

Hades/Henry – OHHHHHHH Henry! Yes! Yes! Yes! BFF? Only if we can include the benefits!

Readability: This read just as well as the other books in Carter’s series, but I feel like some of it was forced. The language was also really modern, like the other books, so I felt some of the ancient history sense was lost. Although I don’t know if I would have enjoyed reading it as much if it was written in a different tone than the other books of the series.

Crush Level: 8
We don’t really get to see Henry all that much, but the little bit that we do get to see him is great. I love all the inner turmoil he goes to and how it gives a little depth to his love for Kate.

Another crush I developed was one for Hephaestus… which is weird because you never hear much about him. He was definitely the strong silent type but it was his love for Aphrodite that really got to me. How he accepted her, infidelity and all, and loved her for who she was – not how she looked or how good she was in bed (haha). It was just really sweet.

Bonus Points:

Although they’re never really needed, it’s always interesting to me to see backgrounds or developmental side stories of characters. But I’d much rather read them AFTER I read the books on which they are based. These five stories were all super fun to read, despite my growlings about the characters.

Commencement Speech: While not necessary to understand the Goddess Test series, The Goddess Legacy helps to clear up and give some history behind some of the events in the series. Things like why Kate has to go through the series of tests is explained. We get to see why each of the gods are named the way they are. And best of all, we get to see why the gods are the way they are. An easy, fun read, The Goddess Legacy gives us something to hold over until the final chapter of the series, The Goddess Inheritance, comes out!

Yearbook Quote: “Don’t you have a husband to get back to?” [Aphrodite] snapped. “Don’t you?” [said Persephone]

Persephone and Aphrodite arguing over Adonismeeeeow!

Superlatives – Most awkward sex scene ever

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