Fairy Tales, Young Adult

Why Grandmother! What a big nose you have!

Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

The Skinny: Scarlett and Rosie March are hunters.  Fenris, werewolf-like monsters, are their prey. The sisters are inseparable, two halves of the same heart. But as they grow older, they find that they’re fighting for different reasons. Scarlett is fighting for the hunt; she lives for it. Rosie is fighting… because that’s what she’s always done. But she longs for more, something beyond the hunt, and soon finds herself longing for Scarlett’s long-time partner, Silas, the huntsman. But as the bodies of young girls begin to pile up, the three hunters must face a hunt like they’ve never experienced.

BFF?: It’s always difficult to talk about a BFF when there are multiple narrators in a book. It’s even more difficult to decide which one I want as a BFF when the narrators are sisters and are total opposites. On the one hand, I really liked Scarlett and her big-sisterness. As a big sister myself, I got her overprotective personality when it came to Rosie. But aside from that, Scarlett wasn’t my favorite character. She was SO serious and one-track-minded that she wasn’t really any fun. She also had this huge chip on her shoulder, but I guess if a monster had ripped me up and taken my eye, I probably wouldn’t be much different.

Then there’s Rosie, who is pretty much a complete opposite of Scarlett. She’s lost the drive for hunting and really only does it for Scarlett. She wants more out of her life, more than hunting. I kind of felt like I connected with her a little more, but there was really something about her that felt off to me. I did look forward to reading her chapters than Scarlett’s; I think mostly because she got hottypants Silas…

Readability: Sometimes I like books with different narrators. Sometimes I don’t. I think I did like this one and comparing the two sisters voices, but overall it was a hard read. I felt that it dragged, then sped up, then dragged, then sped up. There was plenty of action and suspense to keep me entertained, but overall it was a more difficult read.

Crush Level: 7
While in real life I don’t normally go for the woodsy outdoors type, I think I could make an exception for Silas. Sure, he probably wears plaid and knows how to wield an ax, but that’s about where the “woodsman” vibe ends. I adored how he pushed Rosie to take classes at the community center, how he encouraged her to find something that interested her and fostered it. Those are the best guys, the ones who understand your need for interests and do everything to encourage them, even if it’s not something they really think is cool. Also, he’s a woodsman so I’m sure he’s pretty buff. Always good.

Bonus Points:
Badass Little Red Riding Hood

The story of Little Red Riding Hood has never been my favorite. Like what kind of girl is so dumb that she doesn’t realize there’s a wolf wearing her grandmother’s clothes lying in her gmom’s bed? Did she really think “Oh, Granny’s nose must have grown into a snout. It happens to people all the time.” No, lady… it does not. So anyway… this retelling gives us two bad ass little red riding hoods who know how to handle business… and don’t need a wood cutter to show up and save the day.


I know in theory that compared to where I’m from, Atlanta is the “big city.” Of course, I really find it funny that it’s considered the big city, but loved how Sisters Red seemed to metropolitanize the ATL.


When the three hunters go to live in Atlanta, Silas encourages Rosie to take some classes at the community center near their apartment. I’m in the process of trying to do the same thing and expanding my interests, so it was fun to see all the different things Rosie took. Especially the drawing class… hehe

Commencement Speech: I’m trying to expand my fairy tale retelling reading, so naturally Sisters Red was a good choice. As I mentioned above, Little Red Riding Hood isn’t my favorite tale, so I was a little hesitant about this one. Although Sisters Red wasn’t my favorite, I was glad to see what happens “after” the tale. I appreciated that these sisters took matters into their own hands and sought out the Fenris before they could attack more girls. There were also some nice twists to the story that kept it pretty fresh and exciting. The main thing I loved most about this book is the ending. I was very glad that it didn’t disappoint me and leave me hurling the book across the room because believe me… had the plot gone the other way there would’ve been some major throwage.

Yearbook Quote:“I am confident, I am capable, and I will not wait to be rescued by a woodsman or a hunter.”

Superlatives – Most Likely to wear plaid

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7 thoughts on “Why Grandmother! What a big nose you have!”

    1. Yes! So cool. True story: I didn’t realize the black part of this cover was a wolf and the fan-looking barrettes were his eyes until I was writing my review!


  1. Interesting! I really enjoy the retellings of fairy tales. I should read more of these! If I had the time… Okay, someday! I have all these ideas of challenges for myself for 2013. I think I’m overdoing it again! lol


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