Young Adult

Book Fair Winners Are…

Last night I was thinking about my Book Fair contest  I held for yesterday’s Retro Read. Here’s what dawned on me:

a) I don’t think I still own most of the Retro Reads I gave away,

b) If I do own them, I’m not sure where they are and,

c) The ones I know I still have I don’t want to give away.

Luckily I’ve been planning a Retro Reads giveaway for a while now, so I’ve been collecting copies of the books as I’ve seen them at used book stores. Others it looks like I’m gonna have to go hit my favorite used book stores in search of them.

Darn. 🙂

Sooo… since I kind of f’ed up my last minute, hey-wouldn’t-this-be-cool give away, I think I’m just gonna say that EVERYONE’S A WINNER!!!

If you entered the Book Fair Giveaway yesterday, you win! If you didn’t enter… well maybe I’ll do another giveaway later on. Because it seemed to be super fun!

Thanks to all that entered and I hope you enjoy your new books!!!


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