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Retro Reads Thursday: Scholastic Book Fairs

Forget Christmas. Forget my birthday. Forget Easter and Halloween. None of these holidays compared when I was a kid to that magical time of the year when teachers handed us catalogs, filled with books, posters, bookmarks. A time when passing the library on the way to lunch meant peeking in the windows to see what treasures sat inside on displays and portable shelves. A time when we sat anxiously all week, waiting for it to be OUR day to go shopping, to buy the items we’d been waiting for all week!

Yes, I’m talking about that magical time of the year every kid dreams about.

The Scholastic Book Fair!!!!

Okay, so maybe no kid dreamed about this and really when it came to our school we probably just thought “Oh, a book fair? Cool.” Like normal kids. But the anticipation was there. The excitement of taking our 4 page “catalog” home to our parents, circling the books we wanted to buy then scribbling them out and circling another. Knowing you had $10 to spend on 3 books and coming home with one book, a poster, three pencils, a book mark with a kitten on it, and then some random comic-book looking thing that was only $.50 and you had JUST ENOUGH to get it!

Seriously, the Scholastic Book Fairs were my favorite in elementary school and so I want to share my love of them with you! For today’s Retro Read we’re gonna have a Book Fair! But this book fair is a little different than those of our youth… I’m GIVING AWAY books!

I love, love, love sharing books I read as a young adult with you every Thursday, but now I want to share those books FOR REALS! So, in traditional old-school book fair style, get your pens ready to circle!*

*please don’t circle because you’ll just be drawing on your computer

The Grown-Up YA Book Fair






Click on each book to read its Retro Read Thursday post.

To enter the giveaway is simple. Just leave a comment! That’s all you have to do! In your comment tell me your favorite Retro Read and which of my Retro Reads YOU’D like to read!

Also, this giveaway is open to North America (US, Canada, Mexico).



7 thoughts on “Retro Reads Thursday: Scholastic Book Fairs”

  1. OMG I LOVE THIS POST! Of course that was one of my favortite things about school as a kid! And you couldn’t have been more spot on: “coming home with one book, a poster, three pencils, a book mark with a kitten on it” hahaha.
    Since I just re-read The Giver, I’ll pick something else… But Catherine Called Birdy or The Witch of Blackbird Pond? We’ll do this – If I win, let me know and then I’ll pick 🙂


  2. Sweeeeeet. I miss book fairs!! My favourite retro read is The Giver because it’s the only one I’ve read XD XD

    I’d like to read Catherine called Birdy or Lucy Sullivan is getting married because you really seemed to love them and piqued my interest 🙂


  3. Candice, you have made my day! Scholastic book fairs were the happiest days of the year for me (probably exaggerating, but they had to be close!). The books, the pencils, the erasers, and the other odds and ends that no one needed! I’d love to win a copy of every single one of these books, but I think I’ll settle for a Christopher Pike reread. Loved me some Christopher Pike. Always felt so scandalous reading him as a youngster.


  4. I loved the book fair as a student. My mom always told us we could ONLY buy books, so I never got to buy the junky stuff. Sometimes I could squeeze a bookmark out of her, though, and it probably did have a kitten on it.

    As a the librarian…my love for the book fair is on the fence. Though I think I am always the #1 buyer at my school! But I hate trying to prevent all the theft. I love showing the new books to the kiddos, though…and I do get to read between classes, since I can’t leave the register. Mostly I’m terrified of losing the money or not making enough money.

    As for which book I’d like to win, I love the looks of that Christopher Pike book! I’d also love to win Fifteen, since I’ve never read it. Your giveaway here is so much fun!


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