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OMG it’s like I’m actually there!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week they come up with a topic and invite whoever wants to add their own list to their own blog.

I LOVE world building. It doesn’t matter if it’s this world, an alternate world, a future world, a new world… whatever it is, I love escaping my own world and traveling to a new one. It’s even better when the setting is vivid, alive, a central character in the book. Nothing helps to bring a story to life than a believable setting.

Here are my Top Ten Worlds/Settings:

Narnia (The Chronicles of Narnia) – I LOOOOVE this world. I guess because I grew up with it as a child, it’s a huge part of me. There’s something completely magical for me to get lost in Narnia, fighting the White Witch, sailing across the ocean to the Lone Islands, traveling to Calormen and racing away from it. But most importantly, stepping through an ordinary wardrobe into the most magical land ever.

Paris (Anna and the French Kiss) – Okay, Paris isn’t a made up place and I know it’s completely vivid and wonderful, but I’ve never been more inspired to go there as I was when I read Anna and the French Kiss.

Washington (Twilight) – Say what you will about Twilight, you’ve got to admit that Stephanie Meyer paints a lush picture of Washington. Ever since reading the books (and seeing the movies) I’ve wanted to go there. Heck, I want to MOVE there…

The Dells (Fire) – Although to me this really was just another fantasy land, full of forests and cities, the addition of the vividly colored monsters made it so much more unique… more vivid and imaginative. I loved how clear and well-painted the Dells were to me. I constantly had to remind myself I wasn’t ACTUALLY there.

The Girl of Fire and Thorns – This world was so COOL. I love that it had a middle eastern vibe to it, but still remained a little vague on what it was exactly. And we got to travel allll over it, my favorite part of world building!

Diagon Alley (Harry Potter) – As if Harry Potter wouldn’t make a spot on this list! There are so many vivid places mentioned in the series, each one more elaborate than the next, but I honestly loved getting to visit Diagon Alley, with its cool shops and stores, Gringott’s, etc. I loved experiencing it for the first time with Harry and every time after that!

Central America (Wanderlove) – I often think of rainforests and its surrounding areas as being another world. I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like, what it feels like, what it smells like. Wanderlove made me feel all those things, transporting me to another world entirely.

The Capitol (The Hunger Games) – I don’t really want to visit the Capitol because chances are if I’m visiting, I’m probably either a tribute or part of President Snow’s evil regime and that’s just not how I roll. HOWEVER… I would LUV to live there! All the fancy clothes, the cool buildings, the neat gadgetry… It’s all so AMAZING!

Faeryland (Iron Fey Series) – Wow… EVERYTHING about this world was amazingly vivid. From the Winter and Summer Courts, to the Never Never, to the Iron Kingdom… I took Meghan’s journey every step of the way.

New World (Chaos Walking Series) – While there’s not TON of description of the setting in here, the entire world is so familiar, so realistic that I keep forgetting that it’s meant to be another planet. I love that!


9 thoughts on “OMG it’s like I’m actually there!”

  1. I agree about Twilight! I aaaalmost put it on my list and decided not to, but I really did like the descriptions that Stephenie Meyer put in about the surroundings! And of course HP & THG! πŸ™‚
    I should go back and revisit Narnia! I haven’t read those books since I was a kid (and I’m sure I didn’t know what was going on half the time). Personal challenge for 2013?


  2. diagon alley! that’s a great one, but i always wanted to go to hogsmeade πŸ™‚ and you’re right about washington, twilight really made me want to go there. i don’t know why, i’d rather stay inside any day of the week than go out. that’s why i’m so pale. πŸ™‚ ~dixie


  3. The Dells was definitely the best of Cashore’s worlds. I think the other Seven Kingdoms need to be filled out a little bit more, except for maybe Po’s country.


  4. Faeryland from The Iron Fey was so vivid, and I loved seeing it evolve and develop over the course of the series. I really like your other choices too, especially HP, Twilight and Narnia.


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