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Retro Reads Thursday: The Witch of Blackbird Pond

When I was an awkward 5th grader, our teacher handed us a book to read. Almost 20 years later I still remember my feelings towards the book, for the characters, for the situations they found themselves in. This book was The Witch of Blackbird Pond.

When Kit’s grandfather dies, she is sent from her Caribbean home of Barbados and travels to Connecticut to live with her Puritan relatives. She’s immediately an outcast, her free Caribbean upbringing clashing with the simple, strict lives of the town. She befriends a young girl named Prudence, who is the daughter of one of the bitchiest women in town and eventually accuses Kit of being a witch.

One of the things I remember feeling excited over the most about this book was the burgeoning relationship between Kit and Nat, a sailor Kit befriends. I remember there was this sweet love that you just KNEW was gonna be great later on. Like they were going to, teehee, KISS! (look, I was in 5th grade… I didn’t know about these things)

The Witch of Blackbird Pond was a book I remember absolutely loving as a kid and young adult. As I got older and read it, I started noticing more things and learning more about the time period in which its set. This is a great view of how life was for the Puritans and the craziness that was the witch trials.

I haven’t reread this as an adult, but I’m anxious to see if I love it just as much or if I see some other themes in it that I may have missed when I was younger. Although it’s an older book (written in the 50s!) I think it’s one of those great books that has stood the test of time and is perfect for a school setting, book report, or even just to learn more about this time period.

P.S. The cover above is the cover of the book I had when I was a girl! Love finding images of the EXACT book I had!


4 thoughts on “Retro Reads Thursday: The Witch of Blackbird Pond”

  1. I should re-read this! I I remember reading this as a kid but I barely remember the storyline and I have no idea how I felt about it. Man, I should just start reading/re-reading a lot more books from my childhood! These retro reads Thursdays always get me so nostalgic !


  2. I always am scared of rereading books that I read as a kid. Case in point, Little Women. I thought it was amazing when I first read but then I tried rereading it for class and man, I rolled my eyes so much it’s a wonder they’re still in my eye sockets. They are so good it made me want to hurl. I’m the kid that grew up evil. :\


  3. That’s the EXACT copy I read as well! My 5th grade teacher handed me this one after I finished Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry twice as fast as my classmates and needed something else to read. I STILL remember that this is where I learned the word ‘nonchalance’. =)


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