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Retro Reads Thursday: My Girl (the book)

The Retro Read a couple Thursdays ago was Road to Avonlea, which was a series of books based on the different episodes of the show. Writing about that series made me think of another book based off a movie that I absolutely loved as a kid/young adult, My Girl.


Yeah, this is the actual book cover, despite the movie poster look!

If you don’t know the story of this movie, here’s the basic plot: Vada Sultenfuss is a young girl in the 1970s who is the daughter of a mortician and who grew up in a funeral home. Her mother died at childbirth, so she’s basically been raised by her single father. She has a best friend named Thomas J, a huge crush on her teacher and a grandmother who has more than one screw loose. This is the story of growing up, learning to live, and finding happiness in the darkest of times.

Yeah, it’s that deep.

I found this book at the school book fair when I was in third grade. I can’t remember if I’d seen the movie and that’s what made me buy the book – but I’m pretty sure I had seen the movie because otherwise why would I buy this book?

If you’ve seen My Girl (the movie) you know how touching and endearing it is. We’ve all been in Vada’s shoes before (unless you’re a boy reading this then you probably haven’t been in her shoes); we all know the pains of growing up. There was something so innocently sweet about this movie, and the book was no exception! Although excellently portrayed on the screen, getting inside Vada’s head, hearing her thoughts and motives behind her actions is poignantly sweet.

My Girl is one of my favorite movies and so to be able to have this extra look into the movie, to get a better understanding of everything the characters went through, makes this book all the more better to me!



5 thoughts on “Retro Reads Thursday: My Girl (the book)”

  1. Man, I now have quite the hankering to re-watch this classic. I can’t tell you how worn out my VHS copy of this was. I think this was the first film that made me cry.


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