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Top Ten Tuesday – Fur Babies!!!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week they come up with a topic and invite whoever wants to add their own list to their own blog.

Last night as I was laying in bed my kitten jumped up with me and curled up on the other pillow. I reached over and scratched her head for a minute or two then pulled my hand away. Head scratching whore that she is, she tried to cutesy on up to me so I’d scratch her head again. She ended up curling over my head so it looked like I was wearing a kitty crown.

And then it hit me… today’s Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Pets in Books

Manchee from The Knife of Never Letting Go – At first I was NOT a fan of Manchee. I think because he kept talking about having to poop. But then suddenly he grew on me. Suddenly I loved him and wanted to scratch his head and love on him. And when he… omg… I can’t talk about Manchee anymore!

Hedwig from Harry Potter – Who does NOT love Hedwig?!

Crookshanks from Harry Potter – Although he doesn’t play a huge role in the Harry Potter series, Hermione’s cat was very important. Without him, how would they have found the secret entrance to the Shrieking Shack through the Whomping Willow? I ask you, HOW?!

Gigi from The Splendor Falls – This dog was adorbs! I actually liked her more than Sylvie, the main character, for the most part. She played both comic relief and an emotional roller coaster. There were many times while I was reading this book that I scooped up my own dog and cuddled her!

Mrs. O’Leary from Percy Jackson – Who wouldn’t want a giant hellhound that loves to play fetch and can travel through shadows? Who is loyal to a fold? Okay, I wouldn’t… but Mrs. O’Leary was certainly a great dog!

Pantalaimon from The Golden Compass – Although not really a pet, I wholeheartedly LOVED Pan! He could change into so many different things, depending on the situation. How awesome would that kind of pet be? One day you could have a puppy, then a kitty, then a parrot, then a turtle, then a puppy… oh the possibilities would be endless!

Buttercup from The Hunger Games – Okay, really, what list of pets from books wouldn’t be complete without Buttercup? She totally rocked, okay?

Gogu from Wildwood Dancing – Even though he was a handsome “prince” under an evil spell, Gogu was seriously a great pet. He sat on Jena’s shoulder, snuggled in her pocket, and gave her great advice. Although he was slimy (or at least that’s what I think of when I think of frogs), I could totally use a pet like this! Especially on dates or going out to the bar… tehe!

Heavens to Betsy from Lola and the Boy Next Door – While Betsy didn’t show up a ton in the book, I loved her name like so much! So very very cute and original.

Corr from The Scorpio Races – Sure, the horse could eat me if it got a hankering to, but I loved how despite what he was he was somewhat devoted to Sean Kendrick.

Now that I’ve written about pets, I really wanna go home and play with my fur babies!!!!!



14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Fur Babies!!!”

  1. Manchee! At first he reminded me of that dog in that movie Up, and not in a good way. I just wanted him to shut up. But now…it’s just too sad. Love your list!


  2. What a very inspired TTT idea! Buttercup is probably my all-time favorite book pet. I love the crazy cat game in Mockingjay. Oh, and Corr – yes!


  3. Pantalaimon and Gogu – oh, hearing them mentioned was like meeting a pair of old friends! Some other great ones on this list, but those were my favorites! I definitely need to do this top ten sometime. Great idea.


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