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It’s almost mah birfday!!!

Okay, so it’s not really “almost” my birthday… it’s just over 6 months away. Now, normally I don’t start counting down to my birthday until my brother’s birthday in November. We were both born of the 15th of our birthday months, so it’s kind of been a running joke in our family that I always steal his birthday thunder by announcing that there’s only 2 months until MY birthday on HIS birthday.

But guys… this is the big one. This is the big 3-0. Aughh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over the past couple years I’ve been doing a 30 things I want to do before I’m 30 (check out my progress here – trust me… haven’t been doing so hot on this!), so I’m really wanting my 30th birthday to be a huge to-do. Meaning, killer big party.

Here are some of my party ideas so far:

Hunger Games  30 of my closest (and not so closest; I don’t have THAT many friends) friends get together for a weekend of fun, Hunger Games style! We’ll all pair off into districts, go to a surprise location, and spend the weekend hunting each other. Now, since I’m not a fan of killing off my closest friends (see above), we could probably get away with using paintballs. The person with the least amount of paint on them by the end of the weekend wins! (oh, and I call dibs on pairing up with Peeta the Intern. Birthday girl perks!)

Harry Potter 

So my sister and I have already had this party when we went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2, but I’m thinking let’s kick it up a notch. There will definitely need to be costumes, which is great because I still have my Harry Potter scarf (or the Burberry looking one I “borrowed” from my mom about 18 years ago) and my black college graduation robe floating around somewhere. Best part of this party? Wizard Duels! Yeah… they will happen… wonder if they make silly string wands so we can pretend it’s magic shooting out of our wands?

Alice in Wonderland 

I’ve been secretly planning this party for years. Let’s talk food: There’s definitely gonna be tea. I’m thinking a massive tea party set up, different types of tea in different tea pots. Then mushroom type finger foods – stuffed mushrooms, mushroom tarts, mushroom crostinis (maybe not all of these… I don’t think people like mushrooms that much!). Little cakes and cookies with “Eat me” written on them. Punch (or shots ha!) in little bottles with labels that say “Drink me” on them! And the decor! Giant mushrooms everywhere, tea pots, playing cards, hats! Doors! Chess pieces! Painted roses! We could play croquet with plastic flamingos! Oh man, I am getting an event planning high from just thinking about this!

Eee I can’t wait until my birthday now!!! You’re all invited! Standing invite! January 15. Mark your calendars!


12 thoughts on “It’s almost mah birfday!!!”

  1. You should do Candice-themed. We did that for a friends thirtieth – everyone made iron on t-shirts with her picture on them an wore them and it was really fun.

    And! It would be a perfect opportunity to serve your signature cocktail!

    (if it helps you could casually suggest to a friend that they spear-head the theme :)(


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