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Retro Reads Thursday: Road to Avonlea

Remember once upon a time when the Disney Channel wasn’t all ridiculous tween shows (except for Wizards of Waverly Place. That show is the bomb)? Where they had “adult” movies and shows at night?

If those days are forgotten, here’s a little reminder: Avonlea. Prince Edward Island. Starting to ring a bell?

One of my hands down favorite shows was Road to Avonlea, or just Avonlea as I called it. I loved the adventures of the Sara Stanley and the Kings. But what I loved best about Avonlea was that there was a series of books that were based on the show.

These books really were just book versions of the shows, but I read them several times, just the same! In a time before Hulu and the Internet and Netflix, these books gave me the opportunity to relive some of my favorite episodes.

What’s especially neat about these books (and any book really that’s just a book version of a show or movie) is that you can read them and then see the scene acted out and know exactly what that character is feeling or doing, rather than just watching their actions.

The two that  I most specifically remember is “The Journey Begins” (pictured above) and “The Hope Chest of Arabella King.”

It’s funny that 20 years after I probably first read these books I still remember particular lines. My favorite is a scene where Aunt Olivia makes a comment to Sara “I’m such a pickle!” and Sara says “I love pickles!” I loved that scene as a kid!

Little bit of trivia: The Road to Avonlea series was based on L.M. Montgomery’s books The Story Girl and The Golden Road. Some episodes were based on the Chronicles of Avonlea and the Further Chronicles of Avonlea. I just found this out today and, after getting around to reading Anne of Green Gables and the billion books in that series, I really want to check out these books!



5 thoughts on “Retro Reads Thursday: Road to Avonlea”

  1. That’s so funny, I actually did a post not long ago about the Road to Avonlea TV show, but I had no idea that there were books as well! I don’t usually care to read books based off of movies, but I may have liked them as a child, I can certainly see the advantage in having a better understanding about what those characters are thinking and feeling at a certain time! Love that you featured this one. =)


    1. That is funny! I’ll have to check out your post on it. I remember being obsessed with this show as a child, trying my hardest not to miss an episode of it!


      1. Me too! I loved it. One of these days when I have disposable income (haha) I’m going to buy the entire boxed set on DVD so I can watch it all the time!


  2. Ooh, we’re having an L. M. Montgomery event in July, so we relatively recently watched some episodes of this! I’m afraid to say there was a part of me that continued watching because they were sort of hilariously bad–which is a shame because Sullivan’s Anne of Green Gables is absolutely amazing!

    I don’t think I knew there were books, though. That’s actually pretty weird since the TV series was a strange amalgamation of Montgomery’s The Story Girl, Anne of Green Gables, Chronicles of Avonlea, and maybe some other books, as you noted at the end of your post. So they made books that are rewrites of Montgomery’s books all meshed together?


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