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It’s time!!! Drumroll please…

It’s here! It’s Friday! Hooray!

As promised, here is my big announcement:

After giving it a lot of thought, spending hours trying to work out the kinks, thinking about it from all sides, asking for feedback, spending more hours working out the kinks and thinking about it from brand new sides, I am happy to announce a whole new level of fun brought to you by The Grown-Up YA (or as I like to refer to it as ME!!!)!!!!


Yes, The Grown-Up YA Blogger Book Swap will be hitting the scene starting July 1.

Here’s how, in a nutshell, the GUYA Blogger Book Swap will work:

  • Bloggers with books to share will list those books on the Blogger Book Swap
  • Other Bloggers will see those books and be able to request books from the list
  • Terms will be agreed upon between both bloggers
  • Everyone goes home happy!

Sounds easy enough, right? Don’t worry, it is! Here are some FAQs that I’ve kind of made up myself:

But Candice, you may find yourself asking, aren’t there dozens of online book swaps out there? What makes yours so unique? Well my friend, lemme ‘splain: GUYA Blogger Book Swap is designed FOR book bloggers and isn’t your traditional “you give me a book and I’ll give you a book and we’ll go on just fine” kind of book swap with points and saving and searching. It’s a way for us bloggers to not only share awesome books and spread the word about them, but for us to network and essentially make new friends with other bloggers out there.

Well if I want to give away a book, why don’t I just host a giveaway on my blog instead? Very glad you asked! I’m all for giveaways, whether entering them or hosting them, but sometimes they can be tedious, especially since after the first day or two people forget about them and then you’ve gotta keep advertising. By listing a book on the GUYA Blogger Book Swap, it sorta does the advertising for you. However, if you WANT to do a giveaway, there will be a special section for you to list your giveaway. Because let’s face it: giveaways are awesome!

So how exactly do I swap with someone? As I mentioned, this isn’t designed to be a traditional “swap.” You, as the blogger with a book, get to decide how you want to “swap.” You can choose to simply give it away. Or share it with expectations that it’s returned. Or if you see a book listed on the GUYA Blogger Book Swap and you have a book to swap, you can send someone your book and they send you theirs. Since this is pretty casual (as casual as I can make things) it’s really up to you what you want to do with your book(s). I’m just giving you a place to let others know you’re ready to share!

Okay, I’m in. What do I do? It’s easy! Just think of a wonderful thought! Just visit the GUYA Blogger Book Swap page. From there, you’ll be able to see what types of books are accepted on the Swap, find out whether you’re a swapper or a swappee, and read the terms and conditions. You’ll also be directed to where you’ll need to go to register and get started.

Although books will not be available to swap until July 1, you can still register and start listing books on the GUYA Blogger Book Swap! The more books listed there, the better! Also, if you have any upcoming giveaways you want to list, let me know and I’ll add those as well.

Guys, I’m CRAZY excited about this and hope you are as well! If you have any questions, please let me know; the GUYA Blogger Book Swap won’t be successful without all you awesome bloggers out there and I hope you’ll participate! So tell your friends, tell your co-workers, tell your fellow bloggers that the awesomeness that is the Grown-Up YA Blogger Book Swap is here!

7 thoughts on “It’s time!!! Drumroll please…”

  1. Yes yes yes! So excited for this!! It’s the perfect idea, because there have been many times where I’ve honestly just wanted to borrow a book, and I’d be more than happy to loan books but I also wanted to keep my own copy and not just swap it away. I also really like the idea that it’s pretty blogger exclusive because since we’re creating such a community, I’d much prefer to give it to someone I (kind of) know and I know it’ll be going to a good home 🙂
    So excited for your wonderful idea!!


  2. Thanks! I’m SUUUUUPER excited about this and hope people participate! I feel the same way about my books and get kind of protective of them. But then there are some that I’ve either gotten from other people or are really just great reads that I don’t actually plan on reading again, despite how much I loved them. So they just sit on my shelf gathering dust… they could instead be better used bringing someone else happiness!


  3. This is a fun idea, Candice! Looking forward to listing some kindle books and other books I have to share. I like that it’s flexible whether you want to simply loan a book or swap, or simply list a giveaway. Exciting!


  4. I really like the idea and format of this, and will be taking advantage of it! I have some ARCs that I’ve decided aren’t for me, or would like to pass on to other bloggers, but don’t want to do giveaways if I’ve already read them (some people don’t like ‘used’ books), and I do feel that ARCs must go to people who will actually review them. Great way to share what Kindle books are lendable as well!


    1. Definitely take part then! I think ARCs are gonna be a big hit on it because it gives us bloggers a chance to spread the word about good, upcoming books. I’m also excited that you can share e-books; I didn’t realize that until I was working on this and thought how great that would be. Getting to share the book love w/out having to pay for shipping!


  5. Very cool! I am fortunate to have a pretty well-stocked library, but there are always books I have a hard time tracking down and this would be helpful. I am also excited about finding ebooks, as I just got a kindle!


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