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Retro Reads Thursday: Eating the Cheshire Cat

I started college at a small, private liberal arts college before transferring to the mega-college that I call my alma mater. While there I did the whole rushing a sorority thing, got in and was a sorority girl. Still am to an extent, but whatever. After I transferred I didn’t affiliate with the chapter at my new college (seriously, dues were nearly the same as tuition!) so I stayed in touch with my chapter back at my old school.

Senior year I went back to help with rush and during a rush party I ended up hanging out in the kitchen with an alumna who had gone to my mega-college’s mega-college rival. So we got to talking about our mega-colleges and the chapters that were there and it was pretty much awesome sorority girl talk. She mentioned a book that I should check out because it’s set at my mega-college.

Y’all… for anyone who lives in the South, especially in the state of Alabama, you MUST read Eating the Cheshire Cat by Helen Ellis.

Eating the Cheshire Cat follows the lives of three girls, Sarina, Nicole, and Bitty Jack, as they grow up and go off to college. They’re all intertwined somehow, each with their own issues and problems. Each chapter is a different girl’s perspective and, since all three have SUCH different personalities, it’s really interesting to see how they develop and turn into the craycray girls they really are.

I love reading books that are set in places I know, that have characters that I probably go to school with, work with, etc. Finding this book at the age I was was so absolutely perfect because it really not only opened my eyes to the drama that girls in college go through but the effect that drama has on people. I really was pretty drama-free in college, but definitely knew some ladies this book might have helped!

Also, P.S. That goldfish on the cover? Looks yummy, right? 😉

There’s this kind of newer genre out there, new adult, that focuses more on readers from 18-25. I mean, I know books have been out there forever that focus on this age group, but it’s apparently a big thing now. For most of us (or at least those of us who are past this age group) this was a time in our lives when we were figuring it out, when things were whatever we wanted them to be. While I don’t have an interest in reading about characters in this age group anymore (mostly because I’m trying to forget my 18-25 years!) I love that more and more books are appearing for people of this age!


5 thoughts on “Retro Reads Thursday: Eating the Cheshire Cat”

  1. I ADORE the new adult genre because that’s where I am right now. I think it’s going to get more and more popular because I think that’s the age our HP generation is at right now, and I know that series created a lot of readers.


  2. I agree, the new adult genre is something that I’m hoping to find more of! I was always looking for that age range of books when I was in college and couldn’t find anything that I could relate to on that level. And now all the books about 25-year-olds have half of them married or engaged and it’s like, whoa not of us marry that young! Hope to find more good books like this! 🙂


  3. Ohhhh this one sounds good! I am fond of new adult books because I am much closer to college age than to middle aged, so it’s easier for me to relate to them.

    Also I did not know you were a sorority girl. I think that means you can probs drink me under the table. Congrats.


  4. What a nice surprise to find your kind review. I am writing something new and your enthusiasm over my first novel, which I feared was long forgotten, has given me a terrific boost. I would love to send you a personalized signed first edition.
    Helen Ellis


    1. I’m glad I’ve given you a boost! I ADORED this book back when I read it, and love that it’s set in Tuscaloosa and UA, especially since I went to college there! Thanks so much for your kind comments! Feel free to email me (grownupya @ gmail . com) and keep me updated on your new project; I’d love to check it out when it’s published! 🙂


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