Paranormal, Young Adult

If I could turn back tiiimmme…

Timepiece by Myra Mcentire

The Skinny: When a mysterious stranger suddenly appears with a warning after Jack Landers attacks a party, Kaleb and the other Hourglass members are given an ultimatum: stop Jack and recover the research he’s stolen or time will be altered. But things are only getting worse. Others, including Kaleb, are beginning to see rips, images of the past that only Michael and Emerson once saw. With the help of Emerson’s best friend Lily and her powers of finding things, Kaleb and the Hourglass must stop Jack before the group that threatens them changes their past, and thereby their future.

BFF?: First off, I do not want Kaleb to be my BFF. Please see “Crush Level” below for reasons why. I do, however, want LILY to be my BFF!!!! Lily is cool. She’s smart. She’s savvy. She is all the things I would want in a BFF and more! I love how she’s her own person, how she doesn’t take crap but she’s not a totally beyotch about it. There’s a lot of pain in her past, some of which she doesn’t even realize yet, and I love how it makes her this strong person who knows exactly who she is and isn’t apologetic for it. And while I know this makes her sound like one of those punk girls who you’re scared to talk to, she really isn’t. Lily is the type of girl who is gonna tell you straight, but is always there with a hug and a great cup of coffee when you need it. You know, BFF style.

Readability: I kind of felt the storyline was all over the place. Like there were some scenes where I had to stop and say “wait, where are we again?” But other than that it was a good, engaging read. Like Hourglass, there were some pretty difficult sci-fi ideas presented, but I never once got confused or cross-eyed trying to understand them. I love how McEntire simplifies things without them being too simplistic or dumbed down.

Crush Level: 10+
Y’all, I’m gonna have to go ahead and say it: I had the major MAJOR hots for Kaleb. I don’t care that he’s not the kind of guy you could bring home to meet your dad. I don’t care that he’s tattooed and pierced and has slept around. I would like to jump his bones and the heck with anything else! Okay… so maybe that’s going a little far, but yeah… he was pretty amazing. Times a gazillion. Honestly though, it wasn’t his looks that got me (okay, so I don’t actually know what he looks like since he’s a fictional character and there were no pictures in this book), but his charm and wit. No matter what, you could count on him to have a witty remark or comment – but not in a douchey kind of way. In that swoony kind of way. And the boy is deep! I know being an empath kind of guarantees one to be in touch with emotions, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t count! OH! And he COOKS! Seriously, I’m getting a bad case of the vapors just thinking of him…

Bonus Points:
Kiss the Cook

Okay, Kaleb cooks. Sometimes shirtless with a “Kiss the Cook” apron on. Seriously? This is the best thing ever.


I’ve only been to Memphis once and got to hang out on Beale Street for a little while, so it was kind of cool that I was able to “see” the places Kaleb and the gang went to. I’d definitely like to go back there now!

Professor James Earl Jones

Kaleb and Emerson go to visit a college professor to gather some information about Jack. His description made me think of James Earl Jones. Which was awesome.

Escape from Cuba

Lily is a refugee/escapee from Cuba (legal, I’m assuming), having escaped from Cuba with her grandmother when she was younger. I lived/interned in Cuba (well, GTMO) for 3 months in college and got to see some of the “boats” that escapees tried using… that plus knowing what Cuba’s government and living conditions are like makes me love Lily and her grandmother all that much more.

Commencement Speech: When I was reading Hourglass my favorite character was hands down Kaleb. I loved him and how he was kind of this enigma of a character. And I really wanted to see more of Lily, who was also a favorite from Hourglass. So imagine just how excited I was when I realized that Timepiece was told from Kaleb’s POV AND Lily was featured more predominately? Y’all… could not put this one down! The plot was so much thicker and things that happened in Hourglass carried over into Timepiece, causing all sorts of issues. And then there was the question of whose past did Jack Landers really screw around with? We’re introduced to new baddies, given new twists and turns, and shaken with all the consequences of time travel. I’m SERIOUSLY looking forward to the next chapter in this series and cannot wait to see what McEntire has in store for us!

Yearbook Quote: “That hurts me in my feminism.”

Superlatives – Most likely to make you the best tasting eggs in the morning

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2 thoughts on “If I could turn back tiiimmme…”

  1. I LOVE your review because I feel the same way about Kaleb- and I have only read Hourglass. Michael is so BEIGE compared to Kaleb. This has some hilarious comments on Kaleb’s hotness, and I totally second them!


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