It is coming... It is coming...
Young Adult

It is coming…

BIG news guys! Like super big, you don’t want to miss this kind of news. I mean, I am antsying around right now as I type this because I’m so excited about what I have to tell you. Like you just don’t know how great this news is. THIS. IS. GREAT. NEWS. Are you ready for it?

It is coming… It is coming…

I’ll let you know on Friday. Wahaha!

Sorry, you know I’m not evil, but I do have some exciting news and developments that will be announced on Friday that I hope everyone gets excited over. But, so you won’t be waiting for 2 more days in total suspense (because I know you will be) here are some clues as to what my big announcement is NOT:

  • I’m not engaged
  • I’m not pregnant
  • I didn’t get picked to be on next season’s Bachelorette
  • I didn’t win the lottery and will not be buying everyone copies of my favorite books
  • Michael Moscovitz does not live next door to me

I’ll be tweeting some clues and posting some between now and Friday at 11:00 am (Central Time) when my BIG NEWS will be unveiled! Hooray!

UGH!!!! Do NOT like waiting!!!

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