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Sun, sand, and a book in my hand!

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Ah, the beach… sun, sand, and a beer book in my hand! I know every region of the US has its own beach life, but I’m gonna go ahead and say it: ain’t no one got nothing on the Gulf Beach life! Sugar sands, turquoise waters, ocean breeze cooling off your burning skin. There’s nothing quite like the beaches surrounding the Gulf of Mexico. And what better to have with you as part of your essential beach gear than a fantastic read?!

Here are my Top Ten Books Top Ten Books I would DEFINITELY recommend you take to the beach:

The Princess Diaries (any in the series) – While maybe this isn’t the most non-embarrassing beach read out there, it certainly would make for a very entertaining day at the beach! I’d love to spend a day tanning and hanging out with my best gal pal Mia! (especially if she brings along Michael…)

Anna and the French Kiss – This book SCREAMS beach read to me. It’s cute, it’s fun, it makes you want to make out with a short hot boy. To me, that’s essential in a beach read. Eeeeesential!

On the Road – Not a beach read you say? Hear me out: at any given point during a popular beach time (which, down here, is March until November) there could be a group of hot guys enjoying their vacation. I promise you AT LEAST ONE of them has read and LOVES this book. On the Road is the book equivalent of using a puppy as man bait. You’re welcome.

Anything with a half naked man on the cover – I have major problems concentrating on books when I’m at the beach. There’s just too much going on to focus sometimes. So any kind of trashy romance novel is a great beach read because 99.9% of them don’t require your undivided attention. And you’re on vacation… indulge your guilty pleasure!

Any of the Shopaholic books – Totally fun, easy to read books. Especially because after the 3rd one, the plot pretty much repeats itself. But still, they’re very cute and make for a great day at the beach.

Lemony Snickett, The Bad Beginning – Would totally have to brown bag this one, but c’mon… IT’S HILARIOUS!

Wanderlove – I read this book while sitting in my office at work. When I finished, I immediately wanted to go on an adventurous vacation. Perhaps reading this while ON vacation wouldn’t inspire such desires?

Fire – I actually read this while at the beach… Not only is it fantastic, but the colors look great when you take pictures of yourself reading it to make others jealous!


Texas Gothic – This is one of those books that I would suggest reading anywhere. On a train, on a plane. In a box, with a fox.

Harry Potter – You’ll look extra cool if you wear glasses while reading. Especially if they’re round. Trust me on this.

Anyone up for a beach trip?! I wanna go nowwwwww!


18 thoughts on “Sun, sand, and a book in my hand!”

  1. I may have to look at Texas Gothic. Love your post title, too. Great list. I am a huge fan of the Potter books. Didn’t watch any of the movies until I finished all the books and then I actually gorged on a Potter movie marathon. Very interesting to watch all the movies one after the other. (I don’t usually watch movies that much.) I might have to do a Potter marathon.


  2. Your reasoning for On the Road makes such perfect sense – why isn’t everyone carrying this in their beach tote?? Also – anything with a half-naked man on the cover is, by its very definition, an acceptable beach read. Half naked men in front of you on the beach = half naked men on the cover of your book. Done.


  3. I’m down with reading On the Road this summer, and I definitely want to check out the movie. Anna, Wanderlove and Fire, yes yes and yes. Will probably read at least 2 of those this summer. And first up is Harry Potter, finally.
    Happy summer reading, Candice!


  4. Man, I really want to go one a beach trip too! And I’d read with a book AND beer in hand 🙂
    Man, I can’t believe I still haven’t read the Princess Diaries! Maybe I should do that…


  5. I have never been to a Gulf beach. I need to get on that. Maybe that’s what I’ve been missing in my life? And I totally understand the addition of On The Road. I need to read that one, too…and it seems like a great read for summer.


  6. I LOVE the Shopaholic books. Luke Brandon is smokin! And of course, all things Princess Diaries are perfect. I will never tire of those books! 🙂


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