Angels, Young Adult

The beginning is the end is the beginning

Rapture by Lauren Kate

The Skinny: The Fall is starting… again. Lucifer’s plans to change history are set in motion and Daniel and Luce have nine days to stop him. To do so they, with the help of their demon and angel friends, must return to the original site of the Fall – the place where the angels landed after their fall from Heaven. Only problem is, no one can remember where they landed. The angels, demons, and Luce must search for clues, artifacts, that will show them the way to the site. But the path isn’t easy and is riddled with those who don’t want them to succeed.

BFF?: I forgot how much I liked Luce. She’s not a fighter, she’s not a leader, she stays behind… she’s just a girl. Sometimes I feel like I judge these types of characters way too harshly. Where is my kick-butt fighter who takes charge and destroys all the enemies? Why is there this weakling in her place? But Luce ISN’T weak. That’s what I love about her. She’s not a fighter but she’s strong. She’s not a leader but she knows what she has to do. Luce isn’t afraid of sacrifice and accepts the role she must play with dignity and grace. Maybe she doesn’t know how to wield a sword, but she’s a genuinely amazing hero.

Readability: Like the rest of this series, the book was easy to read and get into, but it had a certain depth that made it much more than a simple, easy read. One thing I’ve enjoyed about Kate’s writing is that she manages to elaborate on the different settings in her books without giving you long, drawn out descriptions. It really helped me to stay engaged and imagine the scene without knowing every little detail.

Crush Level: 6
Daniel, while still romantic and sweet, has stopped being sexy for me. Maybe it’s because he’s kind of complacent. Maybe it’s because there’s no longer THAT much drama going on between him and Luce. I just wasn’t feeling all the feelings for him anymore.

Bonus Points:
Religious Artifacts

There was a certain Indiana Jones-ness to Rapture. Luce and company had to find three different artifacts, which were religious in nature, in order to find the location of the Fall. The group was chased, kidnapped, and threatened by enemy angels… kind of like the Nazis treated Indiana! There was also a guide book to the artifacts and a magical cup to drink out of.

The Fall

In my religious upbringing there was not much discussion about the Fall. In fact, it wasn’t until I was in middle school that I even learned the name Lucifer. Needless to say, this story (or whatever it is) has been very interesting to learn about while I’ve been reading the Fallen series.

Dogma (spoilers)

Remember that first time you saw Dogma and saw that Alanis Morrisette played God? Whoda thunk that would be popping up again anywhere else? I LOVED that Lauren Kate made God a woman! I was just waiting for Salma Hayek to pop up and say “I told you she was a woman!”


I don’t have much desire to go to Italy, but then I’ll read something that takes place in Venice and I INSTANTLY want to go to there! This definitely didn’t disappoint, especially if I have my own angel gondolier!

Commencement Speech: Since this is my first “Commencement Speech” for this series (the other 3 book reviews were written before I began doing these), I thought I’d talk about the series as a whole. Quite honestly, it’s a great series. It’s a little different but familiar, taking angel lore and using it to tell a love story that has literally lasted through the ages. As with a lot of series, there were some tough times when reading, but the plot throughout the series was sound, building more with each book without adding things that seemed way out there.

What I liked most about this series is that it deals with the Fall, a subject that I quite honestly don’t know much about. I love when books tackle a subject and because of the book I feel encouraged to find out more about it. This is exactly what the Fallen series has done for me. In both Fallen and Torment, we’re presented with the fallen, angels and demons, and shown their struggles, both with their enemies and each other. It’s not really until Passion that we’re given a look at what happened during the Fall, what made the fallen who they are today.

The series is heavy on the love-side, so if you love a good romance with somewhat minimal love triangles, this is a great series to get into. There’s definitely tension and drama with the relationship, but when you’ve burst into flames every time your angel boyfriend has kissed you in each of your past lives, clearly there’s a little room for drama. Overall, the Fallen series has been a great series to get into and Rapture was a wonderful wrap-up to it that left me happy, fulfilled, and un-wanting.

Yearbook Quote: “I’d say get a room but I’m afraid we’d never see you again”

Superlatives – Best version of “Indiana Jones: The Next Generation” (if such a movie existed)

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