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I can hear you singing to me in my sleep

Dreamless by Josephine Angelini

The Skinny: After discovering she is a Scion, Helen learns that she also has a rare ability – the ability to descend into the Underworld. These Scions are known as Descenders and, as the only one, Helen must use her power to descend every night into the Underworld why she sleeps in order to free the other Scions from the curse that keeps the different Houses in constant battle. But without Lucas by her side and as the toll of searching each night begins to wear on her, Helen becomes weaker. A mysterious stranger appears with her in the Underworld – Orion, another Scion who has a way into the Underworld. He’s funny, he’s brave and strong, he’s there when Lucas can’t be… but time is running out and together they must help to save the other Scions before dangerous plots threaten to cause upheaval in their world.

BFF?: I liked Helen much more in Dreamless than I did in Starcrossed. She’s finally accepted her badassness and isn’t quite as afraid to use her powers. But she’s still relatively weak – I know, that’s quite the conundrum. I think her flipping between strong and weak shows that while she is this “superhero” she’s still human. She’s still a teenage girl who isn’t quite sure about things.

Readability: I’m going to not say anything about this because I had an uncorrected digital ARC and don’t think it would be fair to comment on the readability. Starcrossed read very well, so I’ve got full faith Dreamless will read the same way.

Crush Level: 5
There’s some creepiness going on in this book that made Lucas drop major points in the crush level scale. I’m going to reference you back to Jace and Clary on this one: remember how even though they were supposed to be SIBLINGS you didn’t care because they were so good together? I just wasn’t feeling this from Lucas and Helen, and they were only supposed to be cousins. AND YOU KNEW THEY WEREN’T! I also wasn’t huge into Orion, although I did like him well enough for a love triangle contender.

Bonus Points:

Oh yes

As I mentioned in my review of Starcrossed, I was expecting great things from Hector. Yeah… I got them in Dreamless! I really loved whatever scene he was in… he was like a jerk white knight that rode in, saved the day, shocked you with his blunt wisdom, and then rode off into the sunset. Leaving you speechless and with the sudden urge to climb him like a tree.

Bedtime with Morpheus

There’s a certain scene in Dreamless that features Morpheus, the god of dreams. Y’all…. this one needs a brown wrapper. I mean, it was totally PG-13, but it was seriously steamy dreamy. Too bad I kept picturing Morpheus as Laurence Fishburne.

Creepy Ares

Ares is not my favorite god. In fact, I would say on a scale of 1 to 10, he gets about a -2,249. But in Dreamless, he may have shot up to AT LEAST -56. The description of him was so ridiculously creepy and out there that it shocked me. Like threw all my ancient Greek mythology ideas out the window of the Empire State building (assuming those windows open at all). From her description of him, I’m PRETTY sure Josephine Angelini watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer at some point…

Harry Potter Scar

There’s this one scene that confused me a bit. I didn’t know if maybe all of a sudden this happened or if I missed it earlier… either way, Helen gets a lightening bolt shaped scar… ON HER EYEBALL!


I LOVED Helen’s best friend Claire. Although she’s short and tiny, she’s definitely a force to be reckoned with and quickly becomes an essential character to the story. She handles Helen’s Scion powers with more understanding than anyone and she’s anxious to help all she can. She definitely reminded me of Lane from Gilmore Girls, which made her all the more cool!

Small Town

While I wouldn’t say I come from a BIG town, I definitely don’t come from what I imagine a small town to be like. The entire time I was reading Dreamless (and Starcrossed for that matter) I pictured Helen’s Nantucket home to be like Stars Hollow, my FAVORITE small town in the world!

Mythology Nerd Alert: I know I read an uncorrected draft of this book, so I’m not going to put this down as a negative point (because I have faith they’ll catch this) but there’s a scene where they’re talking about the ferryman of the Underworld. And they call him Chiron. Repeatedly. Sigh… <pinches bridge of nose and shakes head> His name is ChAron. I know this is an easy mistake, but Chiron is a centaur. Charon is the ferryman. There’s even a whole scene in Percy Jackson and the Olympians about this. I just got slightly annoyed with this point. Nerd moment over.

Commencement Speech: I was beyond excited about getting this book to read. Out of all the books I’ve been looking forward to this year, this has been my most anticipated of the year. However, now that I’ve read it, I’m filled with mixed emotions towards it. Overall, it didn’t disappoint, but I somehow feel disappointed that I didn’t LOVE it. I felt like there were a lot of holes, not in the plot, because that was pretty solid, but in the way things flowed. One second we’re here, the next we’re there, then we’re allll the way across town… It was just a little hard to focus.

I loved that we get to see a deeper look at Greek mythology – and that it doesn’t twist the myths to fit the book – but I also like that it focuses on literature from this time period, such as the Iliad. It’s just a totally different twist on mythology books. Overall, the book was good. The characters were well-rounded, each with a fantastic personality and his or her own personal problems. As with some second books in a series, Dreamless managed to avoid a sophomore slump and delivered tons of action and suspense, thickening the plot and giving a deeper look into the world of the Scions.

Yearbook Quote: “Do you always wander around hell in your pajamas?”

Superlatives – Most awkward scenario of kissing cousins

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3 thoughts on “I can hear you singing to me in my sleep”

  1. I gave up on this series after reading Starcrossed but it does sound like there are some interesting things happening in the sequel. Thank goodness Helen is a stronger character this time around. I like character’s like Hector – glad he did not disappoint. Awesome review!


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