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Crap! Mother’s Day is this weekend and I haven’t gotten a gift!

This weekend is Mother’s Day and since I usually take the weekend off from blogging, I thought I’d post this today so I can spend time with my own wonderful mom on Sunday.

Just about everyone thinks their mom is fab. Mine is my best friend and totally my hero. She is the woman who made me love books, mainly because SHE loves books. While we don’t read the same thing, and probably never will, we certainly share a very special bond over our love of reading.

So if you have a literary mom, or you AREΒ  a literary mom (and want to drop some last minute Mother’s Day gift hints), here are some great things you may want to consider:

Book Gift Card: My mom LOOOOOOVVVVEEEESSSS getting these. She’s like a kid who has been given a dollar to spend at the candy store when she gets gift cards to the bookstore.

My Mom Reads Banned Books T-Shirt:
I TOTALLY am going to be this mom. And if your mom reads banned books, your mom is totally awesome! (found at

Make a bookmark: Your mom would LOVE to see your smiling face whenever she opened her book to read. Perhaps you could include a message on it. Something like “Hi mom! Remember to share this book with me when you’re done! Especially if there’s a great sexy-pants scene in it!”

Homemade Book Cover: Not all mom’s are high-techy like their kids with their e-readers, so they may still do it old school and actually *gasp* READ THE BOOK! If your mom is like mine, she probably occasionally reads romance novels with half naked people on the front. Give her the gift of going anywhere with Fabio’s latest and make her a book cover for that paperback!

Bedtime Stories: Everyone had his or her favorite book to read with his or her mom. Give your mom a copy of it, maybe personalized on the inside with a picture of you and your mom taken when you were a kid. For bonus points, include a plate of cookies and a glass of milk and ask her to read it to you.

Baby Classics:
Got a new mom in your life who is about to celebrate Mother’s Day for the first time? Give her a set of books she can cherish with her new baby! I love these from BabyLit!

So Happy Mother’s Day moms of the world! Thanks for being so awesome and helping to inspire us all!


6 thoughts on “Crap! Mother’s Day is this weekend and I haven’t gotten a gift!”

  1. Very cute! I actually made my boyfriend’s mom some bookmarks for Christmas because she wouldn’t let me buy her gifts πŸ™‚ And I love the Mrs Weasley at the bottom! Best quote of the whole series πŸ™‚
    I just love your blog! So glad I found it. Hope you like seeing my comments around, because I’ll probably be here often!!


  2. I saw those Baby Lit books at B&N the other day. They were super cute and I would have totally bought them for my kiddos has they been around when they were toddlers (so, during the book eating/gnawing stage). So fun!


  3. Love this post! I definitely got my love of reading from my mom – she’s a librarian- and we read a lot of the same books. It’s wonderful that you have that to share with your mom too. Those babylit books are so great. That will be my new go-to gift for new moms.


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