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And the winner is…

Thanks to everyone who entered the Pretty Amy E-Book Giveaway! And now… drumroll please… The winner is….

Cyndy, who blogs over at Shakespeare I Ain’t!

Up until now I haven’t seen Cyndy’s blog, but after perusing it for a while I must admit, she knows her stuff and it’s crazy interesting, especially if you’re a wanna-be writer!

And, as promised, here is my own prom story:

I didn’t go to my Junior Prom (that is a tragic, awful story in itself) so I was bound and determined to go to my Senior Prom. I FINALLY found a date – a friend from church who was super great – bought a dress, made my hair appointment, etc. The night of prom he came to pick me up and, perfect gentleman that he was, immediately introduced himself (handshake and all) to my dad. We took some pictures and then he asked my dad what time he needed to have me home. Insert jaw drops all around, especially from my dad who had no clue how to answer that. I finally grabbed my date’s arm and said “We’re going here after the prom, I won’t be home” and we left.

We made a pit-stop at my school to meet up with friends and take pictures there, only to find out that earlier in the day one of the students in the Junior class had died from an accident. None of us knew him and though we were sad, we didn’t let it ruin our evening. Went on to dinner, and then it was time for prom!

Now, my high school allowed the Junior class to plan the prom and let it be a secret for the Seniors. The day before prom they announce the theme and we got to buy t-shirts. The theme was an Evening in Paradise. Apparently “paradise” was tiki huts and PVC pipe and balloon palm trees. There were even little pink flamingos in the centerpieces. Needless to say, this was not the evening in paradise we had been expecting.

Later in the evening, when it came time to crown the prom king and queen, we all gathered around waiting for the announcement. And it came, they did their dance, and we all watched. The song was NEARLY over when someone from the Junior class interrupted the DJ and asked to say a few words about the kid who had died earlier. Lemme tell you… discussing the death of someone at prom is a quick way to cut that party short.

So there’s my prom story… and, because I’m feeling generous, here’s my prom picture, complete with cheesy tiki hut!


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