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Top Ten Tuesday – These are a few of my favorite [characters]

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week they come up with a topic and invite whoever wants to add their own list to their own blog.

I had a best friend in elementary school named Kelly. We met in 4th grade and were very soon inseparable. We’d spend night after night after night at each others’ houses, having a good time, getting into mischief. We made each other friendship bracelets and exchanged BFF necklaces.  We continued to be BFFs all the way up until high school, when we basically went our separate ways. We didn’t fight or anything, just moved on, grew apart, whatever. But even then, I don’t think either of us stopped caring for the other. I remember seeing her get sick one day in the bathroom (I know, TMI) and immediately 10 year old Candice sprung into action, asking my old BFF if she was okay, did she need anything, could I do anything to help.

Years later, we reconnected on Facebook, sent messages back and forth asking how the other was doing… it was as if 20 years hadn’t passed at all. We’re not really BFFs again, but it is nice to know that even after all this time, after all that space that separates us, I still have someone who will always be a favorite of mine.

Now that I’ve brought a tear to your eye (ha), lemme get on with my post: favorite book characters are like best friends from 4th grade. Although that book may get shoved up in the attic, that friendship is always there, waiting to be reunited.

Here are my Top Ten All Time Favorite Book Characters:

Beth March from Little Women – I bet you thought I’d pick Jo, didn’t you? Nopers! Beth was my favorite of the Little Women, quiet, timid, little mouse Beth. It’s easy to pass over her because of her nature, but I’ve always felt she was the strongest of the March sisters. I think it took great courage and strength for her to sit back and watch her sisters move on with their lives, having new adventures, and truly being happy for them. And in the end, when she dies, I think she handles it with more strength than any of her sisters could have.

Susan Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia – If you checked out the Character Spotlight I did for Susan, you’ll see just why I love her. She’s one of those totally controversial characters who have thousands of things speculated about them. Out of the four Pevensie siblings I feel that she’s the most real. She’s distrusting, scared, overly cautious – things that her siblings learn to overcome while she doesn’t.

Nora Helmer from A Doll’s House – I’ve loved Nora since high school when I first met her. She’s not an idealistic character; in fact she’s kind of a twit. She flits about, acting childish, not wanting to be accountable for her past deeds. But when she’s confronted about them and they blow up in her face, she’s wholly lost. In the end she leaves her life behind in an effort to find who she is, without her kids or husband. As a teenager, this was very eye opening to me and, as an adult, I think this was the perfect character for my teenage self to read about.

Catherine from Catherine, Called Birdy – If I had to pick just one favorite character, Catherine would be it. When I was younger I wanted to be her. I wanted to be able to get away with her antics, talk her politics, live her life. Well, minus the gross middle-ages. But, needless to say, her spunk and wit were huge factors in my development, not only as a person but as a reader.

Edmund Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia – Of the Pevensies (I know, I talk about them way too much) Edmund is my second favorite and the one I sometimes understand most. You really can interpret his brattiness any way you want, but I think it’s his reconciliation that makes him such an admirable character and a favorite of mine. Can you imagine being the cause of your siblings having to go to war, the deaths of many enchanted creatures, the near destruction of a world AND the killing of that world’s Jesus figure? I imagine you cannot, but when you try to understand all of Edmund’s faults it kind of makes your heart hurt a little bit. And with that hurt comes understanding for the person he develops into. I love characters that have something in their past to make up for and that they carry around with them forever.

Molly Weasley from the Harry Potter series – I knew I wanted to add someone from Harry Potter but couldn’t decide who was my favorite. I mean, there’s the obvious Harry, Ron, or Hermione, but that’s so passe. My favorite characters are always ones I can learn from, who I admire for what they do, and Molly Weasley fits the bill. In a way she sort of reminds me of my own mom, trying to keep the family together, making do with what we had. You’ve got to hand it to Mrs. Weasley… all those boys and she’s never once needed a “spa weekend” at St. Mungo’s? HERO in my book.

Michael Moscovitz from the Princess Diaries series – There probably comes a point in everyone’s life where they realize who they are and are generally satisfied with that. I understand that I’m pretty nerdy and extremely difficult. So as I imagine my future husband, I understand that he will have to put up with a lot. Which brings me to dear Michael. If I could pick any imaginary person to marry, I would fight Mia to the death to marry Michael. He puts up with a fair (um, a lot) of craziness and doesn’t yell “you’re a freak!” or “stop being weird!” He also is into some nerdy things so I wouldn’t feel too bad about my love of Zelda or Little House on the Prairie.

Ella of Frell from Ella Enchanted – I love Ella! I love Ella! I LOVE ELLA! Annnnd… I’m done.

Fire from Fire – Although she’s not one of my long-time acquainted with characters, after finishing Fire she quickly shot up the favorite characters list. I don’t know what it was exactly that made me love her so much, but she just had that something about her that drew me in. I was so attracted to her personality, to her strength, to… I don’t know what. I couldn’t help feeling like she was this deep, wonderful, close friend whom I had known forever and… OMG! It’s because she’s a monster human! Argh, I was taken in by what she is; this must be what everyone in the book felt like.  (Only joking; she really is the shizz)

Rudy Steiner from The Book Thief – I did save Rudy for last because he’s the only character in this list that my heart might have both pined and broken for. There was something wonderful about Rudy, the way he loved Liesel or the way that he stood up for himself and others. Whatever it was about Rudy that made me love him, I truly did, as honestly as Liesel did, and my heart broke when… sorry, I can’t go on talking about him.

This truly was NOT a good list for me to make because now I want to go and reread all of these books. ALL. OF. THESE. BOOKS!!!


17 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – These are a few of my favorite [characters]”

  1. Rudy still makes my heart ache SO MUCH.

    You have a lot of excellent characters on here! I’ve seen Michael on a few different lists, and I’m starting to feel like I should really reread the Princess Diaries series.


  2. I had a hard time choosing a HP character, too, as I have love for all the main characters and a good lot of the supporting ones, too! Molly Weasley is a good choice! She’s a great mom and a tough fighter– I always admired that!


  3. This list is so you 🙂 All great character choices, and Fire & Ella are two I like a lot too. Beth is also such a lovely character. Hope you get the luxury to reread some of these favorites soon!


  4. Oh my goodness, I love Ella too! What a great choice. And of course, you now you’d be fighting me for Michael Moscovitz too, right? He is my favorite boy ever! I mean, other than my husband OBVIOUSLY. What is it about that guy? Le sigh!


  5. Fire made my list this week too! I think I like her because she feels so deeply. Also you’re the second blogger I’ve seen giving a shot out to Molly Weasely! She is an awesome mom and wizard! 🙂


  6. You had so many good ones! Loved Susan, and almost felt sorry for her. Molly Weasley was amazing, and I can’t believe you’re the first one to mention her! she totally deserves more spotlight. Michael Moscovitz was another good one…I can luckily say he reminds me of my husband.


  7. Ooh you know what I like most about your list? How full and round and wonderful it is. Also how sometimes it’s not the assumed lead character that you chose. Molly Weasley? LOVE that addition 🙂


  8. Some great characters on here! I also have a lot of respect for Edmund Pevensie. He’s my favorite of the 4, by far. Susan was an interesting choice too. And I love Beth March. Cry every time she dies.

    Here’s my list 🙂


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