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And the winner is…

Thanks to everyone who entered the Awkward Blog Tour Book Giveaway! It was so fun doing my first giveaway and I’m super excited to share this book with the lucky winner. But before I announce who the winner is, as promised, here is my own “awkward” story:

When I was a senior in high school I was a part of our school’s theater class. As a senior, I took “Theater 3” which was for the people who were really good and who had been doing theater since freshman year (I, sadly, fit into the latter of these two options). My theater teacher, like all theater teachers, was very… um… theatrical, and wanted us to do a big project for our last play.

At the time there was a huge Matisse exhibit at the Birmingham Museum of Art that was visiting from somewhere – I could have cared less at this point in my life – and we took a field trip to see it. Thus began my teacher’s wheels a workin. She decided that we were going to write a play using Matisse as our muse and the writers and artists of the 1920s, those known as the expatriates. If you aren’t familiar with them, these include people like Hemingway, Amy Lowell, Edna St. Vincent-Millay, Fitzgerald, Picasso, etc.

We each chose a different expatriate to research, finding out who they were and what they wrote. We shared our findings with the class and then got to work, each of us working with the other to write different scenes, interweaving the writers’ and artists’ works together into very unique and interesting scenes.

In case you were wondering, I researched Dorothy Parker, which began my love of her and her work.

Anywho… I was cast as Amy Lowell, much to my bitching, because the girl who was SUPPOSED to play her flaked out. Apparently she didn’t like that Amy Lowell was an overweight woman and SHE was an overweight girl… whatever. So not only was I supposed to play Amy Lowell, a masculine, hefty, lesbian who smoked cigars, I was supposed to perform this very pretty poem about a girl waiting for her lover to come home from the war. Yeah… lemme tell you how fun THAT was. I ended up wearing this gorgeous white dress underneath a man’s suit coat while smoking a cigar. (please note, I’m still rolling my eyes at this whole situation)

So the night of the play for some reason all of us thought it would be super fun to go commando under our clothes. If you are unsure what commando means, it means sans underwear. At the time I thought it was fun and kinda frisky so I went along with it.

It gets to be my time to stand up and do my piece, so I stand up, take off my jacket and put down my cigar, and walk to center stage. The entire theater is dark except for the single spotlight that is on me. That’s when it hits me: I HAVE NO UNDERWEAR ON AND I’M WEARING A WHITE DRESS!!!

I’m panicking so much about everyone seeing straight through my dress that I nearly forgot my lines. Luckily I said “what the hell” and started, but inwardly freaked out that everyone was seeing my goods. To this day I’m still not sure if people could see through my dress, but I had friends who swore up and down they couldn’t see anything from where they sat in the audience. Phew!

So there’s my awkward story…

And now for the winner… drum roll please! The winner is…

Tee from YA Crush!

Thanks again to everyone who checked out Awkward and participated in the giveaway. I hope you’ll all be sure to read it when it comes out!


1 thought on “And the winner is…”

  1. Yea! đŸ™‚ Thanks Candice. I’m so excited! I love your story. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who still shudders at things I did in high school.


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