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Top Ten Tuesday – Go Speed Reader! Go Speed Reader, Go!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week they come up with a topic and invite whoever wants to add their own list to their own blog.

It’s been a crazy long time since I’ve had the luxury of sitting in bed or curling up on the sofa all day with a book, reading it non-stop from covereth to covereth. There’s something so exciting about being sucked into another world for 6, 7, 8 hours at a time, only coming up for air when your stomach growls or you have to, ahem, pee. And although it’s been a while since I’ve gotten to do this <shakes fist at busy work life and long commute> I long for the days when I had time to read like this, staying up until midnight or later enraptured by a fantastic book.

tHere are my Top Ten Books I’ve read in a day:

Twilight – After seeing the movie I thought “what the heck; I’ll give the book a go.” So I went to buy it, sat down about lunch time and did not move until about 9:00 that night. Thank goodness I was too tired and the bookstore was closed, otherwise I would have gone out and bought New Moon that very night and started it.

Any of The Princess Diaries series – I read these non-stop, not leaving my spot until I had finished one. The only time I didn’t move immediately onto the next one was when some 10 year old managed to snag one of them from the library right before I could grab it.

Hunger Games – This one was glued to my hands. Still might be.

Goddess Interrupted – I got this one from NetGalley and found out I had been approved to read it while I was at work. So when I got home about 6:30 I grabbed a plate of dinner and set up shop in my bedroom. I think I finished this one about 11:30 that evening.

Pandemonium – My eyes didn’t leave the Kindle at all while reading this.

The Percy Jackson Series – These aren’t really that long, so if you’re a fast reader you can easily finish any of them in a day. My record is 2.5 of them in a day.

Divergent – The action in this one was so hot I was afraid if I put it down I might miss something!

Any Romance novel we have lying around the house – These usually don’t take much thinking… I like non-thinking books sometimes!

Saving Francesca – Although not an easy read or a particularly fast read, this one kept me so enraptured and touched my heart so much that I didn’t want to put it down. I couldn’t put it down. I had to stay with Francesca until the very end. I needed her to stay with me.

Catherine, Called Birdy – This is one of my favorite books from growing up (hm, can anyone smell a Retro Read?!) and I remember reading this over and over, never once stopping whenever I got started.

14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Go Speed Reader! Go Speed Reader, Go!”

  1. Ohmygoodness, Catherine Called Birdy! Such a good little book, I think I also read it in a day as a kid. Our public library has Saving Francesca as an e-book for check-out, and it’s been on my list with them for a long time. I’ve been waiting to read Jellicoe Road first. But I’ve heard they are both great!


    1. Both are fantastic! I’m not really sure which one I prefer, because they’re so different. I read Francesca first. I think it helped to prep me for the awesomeness that is Jellicoe Road!


  2. I, too, have spent many days reading romances cover to cover. Also, I might thank you for putting Vanilla Ice’s Go Ninja Go Ninja Go into my head. Nothing better to motivate me when I have a to do list a mile long 😉


      1. Some friends got a groupon to see Vanilla Ice a few weeks ago… so we went and it was one of the more interesting experiences of my lifetime. Can’t say I ever planned to see Vanilla Ice 20 years after he was relevant.


  3. It took me awhile to get through Twilight for some reason, but I read all of the other books in the series in a day. Divergent is a one-day read too – may have to fit in a re-read before Insurgent! Haven’t heard of Catherine, Called Birdy so I eagerly await your retro read review 🙂


  4. Such a good list! And oh my, I love those Percy Jackson books! I begged my daughter to read them and, of course, she wouldn’t until someone else told her they were good (now, even though she adores me, she won’t read what I recommend to her even though she read that series and LOVED it. I fear her teenage years).


  5. Confession time, I went to the Breaking Dawn midnight book release and read it until I was done. As much as I really did not like that book, that experience was amazing. I wish I would have gone to the Harry Potter book releases.


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