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Retro Reads Thursday: Double Trouble Dream Date

I was an only child for nearly 6 years before my brother was born, so needless to say I was a little lonely until he came along. But to be completely honest, I didn’t want a younger sibling; I wanted a twin.

Growing up I was closest to my cousin, who is about 6 months older than me, and who is half of a set of twins. I remember being so jealous of her and her twin brother because they were twins. At the time I always thought it must be so cool to have a twin.

I usually had these thoughts when it was time to clean my room. How great would it be to have a twin to help me clean up my bedroom?!

Clearly as I got older and began to know more twins I started to see the downside of having one so I no longer wanted one… until it was time to clean my bedroom of course. But despite my realizations that twins aren’t always what you think they might be, as a young adult/teen/kid I was always drawn to books about twins. The Wakefields, the Bobbseys, and, today’s Retro Read, the Daniels twins.

The Double Trouble series is straight out of the 80s, if you can’t tell from the fabulous cover, and was seriously dated even when I read them. I can imagine how they would be now! But, like any great book, its message is timeless.

The series centers around twin sisters Randi and Sandi Daniels. Like any great duo, they’re about as different as night and day. Randi is the fun, slacker one; Sandi the more studious. And often the switch places. Hence the “double trouble.” It even gets wilder when they go visit their cousin Mandi (yeah, this family was real original with names) who is ALSO identical – but that’s another Retro Reads…

I chose my favorite of the series for today’s Retro Read, Double Trouble Dream Date. In this one, Randi wins a contest for a “dream date” with the hottest young singer and gets an opportunity to star in a music video with him (the book mentions that these are becoming the newest rage and everyone is starting to make them – told you it was dated). Only problem is, Randi sounds like a frog when she sings. Clearly, the best solution is to switch places with Sandi, who, naturally, has a voice like an angel. Only problem is, Sandi is petrified of being on stage. Clearly, the best solution is to switch places with Randi, who, naturally, is not scared of being on stage. Dilemma, you say? Not when you’re a twin! The solution is simple: Randi performs with the singer on stage and lip syncs while Sandi sings behind stage. And for a shocking twist? The hottest young singer is a twin who actually has the same dilemma! Hell’s Bells!

While I’m sure this plot might have been inspired by Milli Vanilli, you’ve gotta admit for a young teen/older kid, this sounds pretty wild. It also doesn’t hurt that the singer and his twin brother are super cute and both fall for Sandi and Randi.

So while I no longer want a twin, I’m glad to have gotten to live vicariously through the Daniels Twins and shared a part in their wild and crazy antics!

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