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Aye yai yai! Muy Caliente a ma Bloggiesta!

Okay, as you can tell from the title of this post, I no speaka de Spanish good (and apparently I speak Spanish with an Italian accent… go figure). But I do love me some fiestas! Especially if they come equipped with margaritas, guacamole, and large hats.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or, like me, are completely overwhelmed with work that you don’t even remember your first name (it’s Candice, BTW), you’ve undoubtedly been seeing fellow bloggers signing up for the Bloggiesta this weekend. Well, as of right now, I’m throwing my sombrero into the ring and joining in the fun! Because let’s face it… The Grown-Up YA needs some work!

This weekend will be dedicated to updating and polishing off my blog, as well as getting some features finished and writing some new reviews. Here’s a better list of what I hope to accomplish:

  • Link all reviews on Summer Reading page
  • Update my blogroll with more of my favorite blogs
  • Add featured images to older posts
  • Create “sticky” posts for Retro Reads and Top Ten Tuesdays – link past Retro Reads and Top Ten Tuesdays
  • Finish Character Spotlight to post
  • Write 2 months’ worth of Retro Reads
  • Write 1 month’s worth of Top Ten Tuesdays
  • Think up some discussion posts topics
  • Remove “sticky” posts for Challenge and Oscars Week
  • Add “Review Policy” page
  • Write some more reviews

OMG seriously Candice? Do you want to relax this weekend at all? Phew! But this is a fiesta, so I’ll be blogging adult style – with a frosty margarita in hand!

Let me know what you think of everything come Monday!!!


9 thoughts on “Aye yai yai! Muy Caliente a ma Bloggiesta!”

    1. I had to learn about them… But basically they’re posts that “stick” on the front of your blog. Each blog layout is different; mine shows them as the big pictures. And yeah, it is ambitious… let’s just hope I stay ambitious throughout the weekend!!!


  1. Have fun doing this! I’d join you but I’m translating this story this weekend if it kills me. I hope it doesn’t, I haven’t had all the flavors of gelato in the world yet. I can’t die unless I try them all. 😀


      1. It’s a Korean story called “Dreaming About Clothes” and I have a suspicion it has to do some with existentialist sh…er stuff. Which is cool and all but not if you have to translate it. All I can tell so far is that is that it takes place in a laundry. Haha.


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