Let's go to the movies!

Happy Hunger Games!

Y’all… Y’ALL! Today is the day… The Hunger Games is FINALLY out!!! I haven’t been this excited since the last Harry Potter movie came out and after 10 years of trying finally convinced my little sister to dress up like Harry Potter and take pictures  of us wizard dueling – no, I will NOT be sharing these pictures.

Today I’m going all out to celebrate the Hunger Games. Here is how:

  • I’m wearing my “mockingjay” necklace… It’s not really a mockingjay, but it kinda looks like one and I like to pretend.
  • I stopped by the bakery and pretended I lived in District 12, pressing my nose against the bakery window and wanting a yummy cookie. (I then remembered I am NOT from District 12 and proceeded to buy some breakfast)
  • I will be asking our marketing intern (who I think looks like Peeta) to come hang out with me today, maybe do a little training together.
  • My makeup today could give Effie Trinket a run for her money – bright pink eyeshadow and gold eyeliner.
  • At some point today, I’m going to eat a sandwich made with Peeta bread. (You know, pita… haha)
  • My nails are painted in “Fast Track” from the Hunger Games nail polish collection!
  • I WILL be re-reading The Hunger Games tonight!
  • When I hang up the phone with anyone today I’m ending the call with “May the odds be ever in your favor!”

So happy Hunger Games my friends! How are you celebrating today? Let’s all meet here later and discuss how fantastic the movie was!



11 thoughts on “Happy Hunger Games!”

  1. yeah, I need to know about this said Peeta look alike… is he age appropriate? Because if he is you should give him my email address. LOL. I totally painted my toenails “riveting” district 5. I bought the district 12 color as well but D5 reminded me of “girl on fire” more. Can’t wait to talk about it next week!!! BTW I wear “Effie Insipired” eye shadow today. . .just stay at the MAC counter and you shall too. 🙂


    1. I think we need to first define “age appropriate.” If you mean “it wouldn’t be illegal” then yes, he’s age appropriate. If you mean “I wouldn’t be babysitting” then no, he’s not age appropriate. If you mean “it would be fun to make out with him in the storage room closet and then never talk about it again” then yes, he’s age appropriate. 🙂

      I WANTED the “riveting” color, but decided to go with the safer color. Sadly, I regretted not getting both and now really want my fingers to look like “girl on fire.”

      Instead, I bought some gold eyeliner and bright pink eyeshadow. It looks kind of awesome in a “totally appropriate to wear to work but I’m way more edgier than my coworkers” kind of way! 🙂


      1. OMG that’s hilarious. I think we all need to see a pic of your Peeta. And yes, def the Harry Potter pics. No one would pose silly with me for the HP movies. It was sad really.


  2. This post is fantastic. I’m a little bummed that I’m just now reading this, because I really would have liked to have been hanging the phone up like that all day!


  3. Ooh that sounds nice. Gosh, the movie is here. And I’m still to read the damn book sitting on my shelf since months. Where does time fly by?

    Hope you enjoyed it. And where’s your pic? Would love to see you all decked up.


  4. Cool! This year on Catching Fire’s opening night me and a friend of mine are dressing up like people from the Capitol! I’m so excited! I’m going to go all out!


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