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Retro Reads Thursday – Lord of the Flies

As with most high school students, I had many many MANY assigned reading books during my four years in school. And, as with most high school students, I usually passed on reading them and watched the movie. But then there was Lord of the Flies… one of maybe 2 assigned books that I actually read.

Lemme start off with my first introduction of this book: Imagine, if you will, 6 (maybe 7) year old Candice, sitting with her parents on a Friday night, baby brother in bed, watching TGIF. During the commercial break of Full House, a movie trailer comes on… for Lord of the Flies! Rated R! Candice will never watch this movie.

Cut to about 9 years later and I get assigned Lord of the Flies in 10th grade English. We learn about archetypes, symbolism, various other English terms that I don’t really remember… oh, and also that if you’re a teacher you should not tell your students “Okay, this movie is rated R but don’t tell your parents I’m letting you watch it” and then get mad at your students when someone does tell their parents and those parents call and complain to the school. Besides the point.

This book was seriously amazing… boys stranded on an island, alone to fend for themselves, starting their own government. How could this NOT go wrong?!

If you’ve never gotten a chance to read Lord of the Flies, I wouldn’t really PUSH you to read it, but it is one of those modern classics that is really full of great literary stuff. And it’s got an amazing plot that’s been referenced in just about everything, from U2 to the Simpsons.

This book also taught me the importance of continuously saving my work on computers. I had written this FABULOUS paper, best thing I had EVER written, on Simon being the Jesus figure in the novel. I’m talking A++ top notch paper. And then it thundered… badly… and knocked the power out. Paper… POOF! Gone.

Thank goodness for Lord of the Flies!


5 thoughts on “Retro Reads Thursday – Lord of the Flies”

    1. Sometimes I wonder if it was written specifically FOR all the allegories and metaphors and whatever else it’s choc full of! It is a good classic though to have in your arsenal 🙂


  1. OH EM GEE! Story of my life with computers and power being knocked out.That happened during a paper I wrote on Eleanor of Aquitaine. It was amazing, grade A stuff. Then the fricken power got knocked out.


    And Piggy.

    And The Conch shell.

    Candice, you rock for talking about Lord Of The Flies. I’m glad I’m not the only one who liked it!!


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