Character Spotlight

We all have our favorite characters: those we can relate to; those who do great things; those who we can live vicariously though. They become our friends, steal our hearts… we learn to love them or loathe them.

But other than winning a place in our hearts, what else draws us to characters? What is it about them that truly connects them to not only us, the readers, but to the literary world?

“Character Spotlight” is a quasi-monthly feature that will focus on a literary character, who they are and how they fit into the literary world.

The format for these spotlights will be:

Introduction: Who is the character in the spotlight? What book(s) did he/she appear in? When did he/she first appear? Where is he/she from? Why is he/she a good character to spotlight?

Just the facts, ma’am: It’s easy to form opinions of characters but sometimes harder to look at the facts. This section will examine the character’s strengths and weaknesses, trials they faced, flaws and development.

Digging Deeper: This is where the character will be deconstructed, dissected, and otherwise torn apart. We will look at motivations behind the character’s actions, how his/her personality affects the plot… basically get down to the nitty gritty of who this character is.

Place in this World: Some characters are ground-breakers, pioneers who we want every character to be like, while some are merely just imitations of past characters who paved the way. This section will look at how the character fits into the literary world, if he/she paved new ground or is merely skipping behind past greats.

I love you/I hate you: This is the part where I gush about how much I love this character or how much I hate him/her.

Now, please note that I’m not a literary expert. I don’t have any formal training and the last literature class I took was in maybe 2004 taught by this crazy hippie grad student. I’ll try to keep my opinion out of my writing as best I can and present an unbiased look at each of the characters, using references from those who ARE professionals (authors, professors, researchers, librarians, etc.) when available.

Stay tuned!


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