Just call me “The Girl with the Bread”

Y’all I bought the Hunger Games Cookbook and lemme tell you… there is some crazy shizz in there! But once you get past the recipes for Wild Dog Stew or Roasted Rat, there are some really great recipes, some of which I’m dying to try.

I didn’t want to get TOO adventurous on my first try, so I stuck with Peeta’s Hearty Raisin Nut Bread.

Guys, there is a reason Peeta has big muscley arms. There is lots of kneading to make this bread, although I guess it’s about normal. I’ve never made bread, so it was my first experience with the work out you get from making bread.

Fresh out of the oven! Looks so good!

Bread in the bundt pan.

My main complaint with this recipe is that you basically just sprinkle on the raisins and walnuts (which I left out because I didn’t feel like buying any) and then are supposed to knead it together. This doesn’t result in lovely, evenly distributed raisins but instead giant clumps of raisins.

Peeta’s Hearty Raisin Nut Bread is more or less just a basic wheat bread. The recipe calls for honey, cinnamon, and sugar but not enough to actually do anything to it. On each of the recipes there’s a little “Tips from Your Sponsor” section – which are super cute BTW – and this one suggests doubling the amounts of cinnamon and sugar for a sweeter bread. I would definitely suggest doing this if you’re going to make this. It would make for a yummier breakfasty type bread.

See? Raisin clumps! :(

But if you’re happy with just a no-frills wheat bread, you can just stick to the recipe. I’ve been thinking about other things I could add to make it yummy to my tastes… I think adding some orange flavoring, orange zest, and dried cranberries in place of the raisins and nuts would be good. Or maybe adding more cinnamon and pecans for a spicier, rich flavored loaf. I think the bread itself is a good canvas to get all Peeta-y in the kitchen.

Overall, great first start to my cook book! Since it’s Lent and I’m not eating meat, I can’t yet try the Lamb Stew with Dried Plums or the Wild Raccoon Sauteed in Bacon Drippings (yum!); luckily there’s a recipe in there for Greasy Sae’s Spicy Vegetarian Chili!

Stay tuned for more Hunger Games recipes and may the odds be ever in your favor


12 thoughts on “Just call me “The Girl with the Bread””

  1. Peeta’s bread looks great! Just how I imagined from the book.
    As a vegan there’s probably not a lot in that cookbook for me, but at least Greasy Sae came through with the veggie chili 🙂

    All these Hunger Games posts make me even more excited for the movie!


    1. There’s actually a good amount of vegetable recipes in it. I don’t know how strict of a vegan you are, but I was excited to see lots of vegetables in it. Right now I’m not eating meat for Lent so it’s exciting to see some recipes that I CAN eat rather than pout over the things I can’t eat. (although it was my choice to give up meat for God… I’m not pouting 🙂 )

      And I’m seriously pumped for the movie – can’t believe it’s only a week away!!! 🙂


    1. I’m under the impression that every person should learn how to cook. And if there are cookbooks out there that are based on our favorite books that help us learn to cook, that just makes it all the better! This one is great because I mean, what if a dystopian future is just right around the corner for us and the government decides to throw something like the Hunger Games? Isn’t it better to know how to make a tasty meal out of rats and wild dog? I’m just saying…


      1. Yeah, eventually I’ll have to learn, but it’s not high on my priorities at the mo’. Maybe this summer when I don’t have school.


  2. Ok, you make me laugh so hard when you say that you left out the walnuts because you didn’t feel like buying any. I do this all the time and then I walk around saying a particular recipe wasn’t good. Like, it couldn’t have been bad because I fudged the recipe. At least your bread still looks yummy!


    1. It IS yummy (thank goodness)! I don’t know if adding the nuts would have made it any better, but yeah… I mean, clearly it’s not my masterful cooking skills that’s the problem. It must be the recipe’s fault. haha


    1. I’ve been eating this bread like I’m Katniss and need it. Clearly, I do not. It’s actually pretty good.

      I haven’t looked TOO closely at the rat recipe – I actually think it’s supposed to be squirrel maybe – but there are a few recipes that use weird meat but the tips from your sponsor say something like “Wild dog not available in your area? Try beef.” Then I’m like “ohh… well that does sound delightful!” I imagine the rat recipe is like this.


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